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Our two new rescued dogs Sophie and Penny, saved from death row – they were going to be killed at the pound in the next day or two.

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On this episode we discuss how people can make a difference and save lives around Christmas time and beyond. Some great organisations to donate to are:

To hear more about the themes discussed on this episode, check out our Buy Nothing Christmas episode (#43), our episode on homelessness featuring the Homeless Persons Union (#160), and our episodes on effective altruism and charity versus change (#142 and #143). Also check out Adam Ruins Giving!

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KeshaWoman’, The TutsChristmas is in the Air’.


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This episode features Nick’s talk ‘Veganarchism’, which explores some links between veganism and anarchism. You can view the PowerPoint for this talk here and it is also embedded below. You can also listen to the full talk and the Q and A after it here. This talk was recorded at the most recent Institute for Critical Animal Studies (Oceania) conference – you can hear other talks from this conference here. For more on veganarchism, see (for example) the pamphlet ‘Veganarchism’, the books Making a Killing and Anarchism and Animal Liberation, and Anthony Nocella’s work.

We also discuss Katie’s articles on the baby boomers and Game of Thrones (follow our blog at to get email updates on the articles we post there), and Nick being an anarchist “since before pre-K”.

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PlasmoEpisode 10: Balance in the Universe’, Colour Me WednesdayCarefree’, Open SlatherMonopoly Sketch’, Nick’s talk ‘Veganarchism’, AJJ ‘Temple Grandin’, American Steel ‘Sons of Avarice’, PlasmoEpisode 10: Balance in the Universe’.

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*The title of this episode was inspired by the Against Me! song ‘Baby, I’m an Anarchist!’.


George Orwell’s book 1984 has been banned in Thailand. This image is from:

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On this episode we discuss our recent trip where us farangs (the Thai word for people of European origin) visited Phuket in Thailand. Just before we got to Thailand there was a military coup and the new regime has banned George Orwell’s book 1984. We cover this, as well as having a discussion on representative versus direct democracy. We also discuss kathoeys (who ‘are born physiologically male but, as one Thai saying goes, “have a female heart” ‘) and avoiding transphobia in feminist movements. We explore the relationship people have with animals in Thailand compared to Western countries, travelling as vegans and anti-consumerists, and skin whitening products being sold in the supermarkets (rather than the tanning products sold in the West). Also covered is the books we read while we were away: Atheism – The Case Against God and Buddhism Without Beliefs. You can view some of our photos from our trip here.

There is also further discussion on direct action and Israel/Palestine – the topics covered on episode 65. On Israel/Palestine, we mention the indefinite ceasefire that has been agreed to, the open letter signed by 327 Jewish survivors and descendants of survivors of the Holocaust calling for an end to the ‘ongoing genocide of Palestinian people’, and try and work out where to now for the movement for justice for Palestine? On direct action, we talk about direct action during the Vietnam War (as discussed in the book Occupy Everything: Anarchists and the Occupy Movement). We also mention Dan discussing direct action for refugees – you can hear more from Dan on episode 61. We recommend people check out Team Earthling animal rights podcast – specifically their episodes on ableism (including covering direct action and ableism), their crossover episode with us (which included a discussion on violence and non-violence), and their episode on teen veganism (which has an interview we did for their show).

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Lily Allen ‘The Fear’, Man on the MoonLast Scene’, AphroditeOne Man Woman, Two-Timing Man’, The Office (UK), Myq Kaplan ‘Buddhism, Feminism and Math’ from the album ‘Small, Dork and Handsome’, The Chaser’s War on EverythingHillsong Church Parody – Praise the Lord’, Austin Powers, Sydney Anarchist MediaAnarchist Reflections of Villawood Protest to Refugee Transfers’, Propagandhi ‘Haillie Sellasse, Up Your Ass’.

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buy nothing

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On this one we encourage people to have a Buy Nothing Christmas, mainly drawing on George Monbiot’s great article ‘So you need that smart cuckoo clock for Christmas, do you?’. We also discuss the impact of plastics on the environment and non-human animals. Other stuff covered on the episode is: the Facebook page ‘Boycott the Cultural and Economic Stimulus Event Called Christmas’, Politicized podcast takes on a bunch of holidays, George Monbiot changes his mind about veganism (again), Nick’s article ‘Jay-Z and Beyoncé: Veganism is much more than a Cleanse’  – please share :), and we pitch Katie’s new idea for a TV show.


Adbusters ‘Kalle Lasn on CNN for Buy Nothing Day’, Dead PrezNo Way as the Way’, Cricket sound effect, ReligulousBill Maher interviews Senior Vatican Priest’, DerekSeason 1, Episode 3’, Song from Crimethinc podcast episode 15, Lowkey ‘Too Much’.

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This episode covers the Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement (TPPA), which is a corporate power tool of the 1% that has problems such as secrecy and a lack of transparency, and has also been linked to U.S. interests. On this show we have a great interview with journalist, lawyer and activist Edward Miller live from a rally against the TPPA in Aotearoa (New Zealand), where the TPPA negotiations are taking place. Unfortunately there was police brutality at this rally – see here for an update on this brutality that we didn’t cover on the show. We also discuss free movement for money rather than people and neoliberal globalisation generally. There is some discussion on environmental issues including: 4 degrees of global warming, art for the environment, buying junk at Christmas time, the environmental impact of internet use,, and The Species Barrier podcast. Other issues covered are the social benefits of libraries (email the author at for a copy of this article), speciesism, Caitlin Moran’s idiotic comment and intersectionality (this time on the links between different forms of oppression amongst humans).

Book Recommendation:

The Shock Doctrine by Naomi Klein


Leftover Crack ‘Super Tuesday’, CNNNN ‘Series 1, Episode 2’, Noam ChomskyDiscussion on Globalization’, It’s Our Future ‘What is the TPPA?’, Interview with Edward Miller on Perth Indymedia – conducted by Karun Cowper from Occupy Perth and Perth Indymedia, CNNNNAustin PowersPeep Show ‘Series 3, Episode 1’, Leftover Crack ‘Gay Rude Boys Unite’.

This image is from Time to Thin the Herd – Black Friday is the biggest shopping day in the U.S.

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We open the episode (which marks one year of our show!) with some good news for Palestine, which has been recognised by the United Nations. We also look at which countries supported Palestine and which didn’t, including Australia, and how wealthy these countries are. On Palestine, we also cover calls for Holocaust studies to be compulsory in Aotearoa (New Zealand) and the recent Rally for Gaza in Perth, organised by Friends of Palestine Western Australia. There is also a discussion on speciesism (discrimination based on species), intersectionality (links between different forms of oppression) and coalition building (making alliances betwen different social movements), and 99% of Australians being opposed to animal cruelty. We cover some environmental issues, such as the importance of buying second-hand books or borrowing from libraries (which also have social benefits), population growth in the Amazon, Growthbusters and The Species Barrier podcast. We have a return of the segment ‘When Karl Pilkington Makes Sense’, this time on Christmas. We finish the episode by talking about Black Friday zombies and the challenge to Buy Nothing Until 2013 – see articles on this here and here, and how to celebrate Christmas in a way that has less environmental impact, such as having a donation in your name to organisations like Pop Offsets as presents.

We encourage everyone to listen to our interview on the great podcast Politicized! You can listen to part one on links between human rights and animal rights here and part two on similarities between Australian and U.S. politics, refugees and feminism here.


Al Jazeera ‘Palestinians Celebrate Status Upgrade at UN’, Michael Heart ‘We Will Not Go Down’, Peep Show (series 4, episode 1), Package from Rally for Gaza in Perth – recorded and edited by Nick Pendergrast, That Mitchell and Webb Look (series 3, episode 6), The U.S. Office ‘Season 6, Episode 11’, Growthbusters ‘Hooked on Growth: Find the Cure’, Ricky Gervais podcast with Karl Pilkington ‘The Podfather Part III – Christmas’, The Smith Street Band ‘I Want Friends’.