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In this, the very first episode of Progressive Podcast Australia, we look at the Occupy movement in Australia and beyond. Firstly, we respond to criticisms of the Occupy movement from right-wing journalist Andrew Bolt and others. We mention the United Nations report that pointed out that the richest 1% of adults alone own 40% of global assets and we also talk about inequality within Australia. Other issues we cover in the podcast include neoliberalism and inequality, people making fun of the protests online, anarchist-type communities at the Occupy’s, unity and diversity in the Occupy movement, the acknowledgement of other animals as victims of corporate greed, and direct action against the big corporate banks.

Sound clips:
– Intro with Hugh Laurie’s “Protest Song
– Clip from the show “Peep Show” – (Season 3, Episode 5)
Minor Threat “In My Eyes”
– Finish with Billy Talent “Turn Your Back”

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Anti-Flag ‘The Economy is Suffering…Let it Die’

Progressive Podcast Australia promotes pro-animal rights, anti-racist, pro-feminist and pro-queer messages. We also discuss other issues, such as capitalism, the environment and war. There is an Australian focus, with discussion, interviews and political music.


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