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This episode features Nick’s talk ‘Veganarchism’, which explores some links between veganism and anarchism. You can view the PowerPoint for this talk here and it is also embedded below. You can also listen to the full talk and the Q and A after it here. This talk was recorded at the most recent Institute for Critical Animal Studies (Oceania) conference – you can hear other talks from this conference here. For more on veganarchism, see (for example) the pamphlet ‘Veganarchism’, the books Making a Killing and Anarchism and Animal Liberation, and Anthony Nocella’s work.

We also discuss Katie’s articles on the baby boomers and Game of Thrones (follow our blog at to get email updates on the articles we post there), and Nick being an anarchist “since before pre-K”.

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PlasmoEpisode 10: Balance in the Universe’, Colour Me WednesdayCarefree’, Open SlatherMonopoly Sketch’, Nick’s talk ‘Veganarchism’, AJJ ‘Temple Grandin’, American Steel ‘Sons of Avarice’, PlasmoEpisode 10: Balance in the Universe’.

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*The title of this episode was inspired by the Against Me! song ‘Baby, I’m an Anarchist!’.