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On this one we encourage people to have a Buy Nothing Christmas, mainly drawing on George Monbiot’s great article ‘So you need that smart cuckoo clock for Christmas, do you?’. We also discuss the impact of plastics on the environment and non-human animals. Other stuff covered on the episode is: the Facebook page ‘Boycott the Cultural and Economic Stimulus Event Called Christmas’, Politicized podcast takes on a bunch of holidays, George Monbiot changes his mind about veganism (again), Nick’s article ‘Jay-Z and Beyoncé: Veganism is much more than a Cleanse’  – please share :), and we pitch Katie’s new idea for a TV show.


Adbusters ‘Kalle Lasn on CNN for Buy Nothing Day’, Dead PrezNo Way as the Way’, Cricket sound effect, ReligulousBill Maher interviews Senior Vatican Priest’, DerekSeason 1, Episode 3’, Song from Crimethinc podcast episode 15, Lowkey ‘Too Much’.

The image above is from Stop the Arms Fair

This episode has been released in two parts. You can listen to both parts of this episode and subscribe to our podcast on iTunes here and you can also listen to both parts on Cyber Ears here. You can also download part 1 on here (58MB) and part 2 on Media Fire here (49MB).

On part one of this episode we are joined by Kirsten Bayes from Stop the Arms Fair! who discusses Occupy vs the Arms Fair (September 8th in London), Australians stopping arms fairs, how you can take action against arms dealers regardless of where in the world you live, queer issues and arms dealers, and animals and war. We also introduce the new segment ‘What you HAVE learnt from Adbusters this week’, discussing issue 109 which has articles on planned obsolescence and riding bikes. In this segment we talk about Jeremy’s finds from the streetbike traffic jams in London, and gender and cycling, drawing on an article by Stevie from Team Earthling and a Critical Transit episode. We also talk about sex toys and light globes (which is more exciting?) and the importance of reading.

We finish part two of the episode by discussing the role of soldiers in war, drawing on the book 10 Excellent Reasons Not to Join the Military. Before this, we take an in-depth look into Chelsea Manning’s (formerly Bradley Manning) coming out as trans and imprisonment. In this discussion we cover using the correct pronouns to refer to her, Andrew Bolt being an asshole, writing letters to Chelsea, being trans in prison, how to be a trans ally, a great flyer on combating hate crimes from Camden LGBT Forum and staying safe without police.

Other topics covered in part two of the episode include: Silent Raging blog and podcast, visiting the Ecuadorian embassy where Assange is, Glenn Greenwald’s partner David Miranda detained to intimidate journalists, the Propaganda exhibition in London, The Book of Mormon, Eric McElroy’s comedy, Australia has committed 143 violations of international law, refugee rights rallies in Melbourne and elsewhere around Australia, the book Walden Two, vegan restaurants in London – including Loving Hut Camden, Manna Cuisine and 222 Veggie Vegan – see Happy Cow to find vegan and vegan-friendly restaurants all around the world – anything can be vegan!

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Book Recommendation:

Addicted to War by Joel Andreas.

Clips (part 1):

Lowkey ‘Hand on your Gun’, Sweeney Todd ‘There’s No Place Like London’, Lowkey ‘Dear England’, Lowkey ‘My Soul’, The Story of Stuff (Consumption), Foeknawledge ‘Knowledge is Key’, Our interview with Kirsten Bayes from Stop the Arms Fair!, Britney Spears ‘Oops I did it Again’, Rise Against ‘Hero of War’.

Clips (part 2):

Jeffery Lewis ‘Big A, Little A’, Austin PowersTrue Blood, Happy Birthday in teo reo – thanks to “the usual Jon”, Flight of the Conchords ‘Season 1’, Morrisey on Jonathan Ross, That Mitchell and Webb Sound – Series 3 ‘Anything can be Music’, ‘Anything can be Vegan’, True Blood ‘Season 1, Episode 2’, Lowkey ‘Skit 6’ – speech by Mike PrysnerAnti-Flag ‘You’ve got to Die for the Government’.

This image is taken from Marionette Life Thingy.

You can download this episode on MediaFire here (40MB).

This episode gives some political new year’s resolutions. The “new year’s revolutions” we promote are: 1. Challenge full-time work to allow more time for other things like art and activism. We have an interview with Boudicca Cerese from CSG Free Northern Rivers on the issue of coal seam gas mining and ongoing protests in New South Wales, Australia. 2. Play KillCapcombining gaming and activism – from Adbusters. 3. Go Vegan for reasons such as the complex lives of farm animals and opposing animal slaughter. We also encourage people who are already vegan to do vegan mentoring and change to Cruelty Free Super. 4. Move away from car use. 5. Buy less shit. 6. Question capitalism and think about alternatives – check out the website Audio for a Revolution for heaps of anti-capitalist sources.

We also cover: the article In Defense of New Year’s Resolutions, B’s really nice review of our podcast, supposed “terrorist” Tame Iti paints the front cover of New Zealand Geographic, E-readers and government snooping, and Feminist Disney.


The Lawrence Arms ‘Eighteen Inches’, Shayne Hunter from Occupy Art Lab, Interview with Boudicca Cerese on Perth Indymedia – conducted by Nick Pendergrast, The Smith Street Band ‘What’s Changed’, Peep Show ‘Series 4, Episode 5’, Los Fastidios ‘Animal Liberation’, Austin Powers, AbdominalPedal Pusher’, Anti-FlagThe Consumer’s Song’, Peep Show ‘Series 3, Episode 5’, Austin Powers, The Black Eyed PeasWhere is the Love?’.

*We apologise that there is some background noise in the first two minutes – this all goes away after these first two minutes 🙂  Also please ignore Katie’s coughing and sniffles!