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Our dog Charlie.

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We start off the episode by playing Katie’s TV interview on puppy farms and discussing pet adoption. We then give some updates on live animal export and Australian animal slaughter by playing our discussion on Indymedia on RTR 92.1FM – you can listen to the whole episode by going to this link and choosing the 6th of August episode. We go through some listener feedback and discuss the website, then we play Nick’s talk ‘Food and Social Justice: How What We Eat Can Benefit People, Animals and the Environment’. This talk was recorded at the 2011 Cruelty Free Festival and you can view the powerpoint for it here. We finish by discussing the environmental impact of animal products, considering other animals in all of the choices we make, travelling as a vegan, The Vegan Easy Challenge, and the Food Empowerment Project – including their fair trade chocolate list.

Book Recommendation:

Slaughterhouse by Gall A. Eisnitz


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We start off the episode by talking about our recent travels and our animal rights protest in Geneva, anarchism in Barcelona, and a discussion on China – including Internet censorship, Tiananmen Square and recent protests. Katie also provides a critical perspective on the definition of ‘refugee’, based on her study in Geneva. Finally, we discuss true globalisation and the free movement of people around the world (not just for “legitimate” refugees).

Book Recommendation:

Occupy Everything: Anarchists and the Occupy Movement 2009-2011 edited by Aragorn!


Gogol BordelloWonderlust King’, Lagwagon from the album ‘Live in a Dive’, Austin Powers, PropagandhiFuck the Border’.

*This quote that forms the title of this episode is taken from the Breakout Conference by the Cross Border Collective, which we discuss on this episode.