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  1. Jordan Wyatt says:

    Thank you for recommending my show “Coexisting With Nonhuman Animals” 🙂

    Just making a post about our new renovation of the Hen Home 🙂

    Hen Friends bring a smile to everyones face 🙂

    Thank you very much,

    Jordan Wyatt

  2. No problem! Great to see all the effort towards a comfortable home for the hens, have shared the post on our Facebook page 🙂 Nick

  3. Coggo says:

    I can haz membership!

    Only sad that I didn’t get in there first. Though we all know the legendary Jon really deserves any and all accolades for being your number one fanboy … (jealous much!).

    That said, my devotion for the show is unconditional (as is my membership) …

    • Thanks heaps Coggo, we really appreciate you signing up!! And we appreciate you being a fanboy of the show, even if you didn’t get the number 1 honours haha.

      If you could please let us know your preference for what we do when we get to 10 members (more frequent episodes/new mics/all episodes available on iTunes) and what item you’d like from the list, then we’ll send it out to you along with a PPA badge and “business” cards to promote the show 🙂

      Thanks again,

  4. Patrick O'Reilly says:

    keen to get involved as an on air contributor or volunteer lacky. I write songs Work in technology startups and want to become politically active.

  5. Hang 'em High says:

    The 10 year anniversary of Cronulla will be good for bashing reds and other leftie scum!!

    So show up and get bashed. Can’t f’n wait!!

  6. Olly Hornung says:

    Hey Katie & Nick,
    Thank you so much for broadening my mind with your podcasts. Ive particularly found your (and your interviewees) thoughts on LGBTI+ community really helpful! So thank you – and I generally really like hearing you talking about things that I’m passionate about.

    I’ve noticed both of you present at a number of conferences and the like. I understand that your not great fans of AJP which I can also sympathize with (although I am involved with the party). I’m not sure if is than very relevant but AJP is holding a conference in Adelaide late September 2017. Feel free to register your interest to speak:

    Also – if its not taboo for an AJP member to be a member of PPA and support your show – I’d love to do that.

    Finally I’m not sure how relevant it is, but I’d love to hear a more in depth analysis of the wild animal suffering topic. I noticed Mark Alan and Nick’s discussion.

    Thank you again for all your work with PPA and all the other great things you do.


  7. Brooke says:

    Hi Nick and Katie, I love your show! I only discovered it last year so I’m still making my way through all the episodes. I listen to it on Google Podcasts since I have an android but for the past few days your podcast hasn’t been working on Google Podcasts. None of the other podcasts on there have been affected and I’ve tried uninstalling and reinstalling the app and restarting my phone but whenever I click on an episode of yours it buffers for a few seconds and then says “unable to play.” I thought since all my other podcasts are still working I should let you guys know in case it’s an issue on your end.

    • Hey Brooke, thanks for listening! And for letting us know about this issue. I didn’t even know we were on Google Podcasts but I’ve just had a Google of Google Podcasts and found us on there – it seems to be playing fine for me on the computer but maybe the issue is with the app. I’ve noticed a similar issue with our episodes on Amazon/Audible, which I’ve contacted them about, so perhaps that is related to the issue you’ve raised. I’ve also just emailed Google Podcasts about the issue, so hopefully it’ll be resolved soon! We’ll also check in with other listeners about the issue on an upcoming show.

      In the meantime, Sticher and Spotify are useful apps for listening to the show on Android:

      Thanks again,

      • Hey Brooke, unfortunately our email to Google podcasts bounced but I just noticed that our shows are working on Amazon/Audible and they weren’t previously. So I’m wondering if the issue with Google Podcasts has also somehow resolved itself? Cheers, Nick

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