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You can listen to this episode or download an MP3 file of it through here (53MB).

In this feminist-themed episode we have two interviews with the Feminist Action Network. Amy Blitvich discusses Australian Prime Minister calling out Opposition leader Tony Abbot’s sexism, the Reclaim the Night march in Perth, and transphobia in the feminist movement. Rebecca Doyle tells us about their participation in the Bluestocking week events, foetal homicide laws and the relevance of feminism today. We also speak to Amber Maxwell from Equal Love WA about homophobia from the Australian Christian Lobby, an upcoming rally in Perth for marriage equality and the importance of education in overcoming transphobia and homophobia. Other issues covered throughout the episode are: moves towards transgender equality in Canada, a voicemail from Jeremy from the podcasts Politicized and Critical Transit, pornography, sex work,* a feminist perspective on the Julian Assange case, a flash mob by Reproductive Choice Australia to end the stigma around abortion, veganism and abortion, #GlobalNOISE in Perth, the Cruelty Free Festival in Perth and the awesome website Who Needs Feminism?.

*Update: on 29/12/2013 we recorded the episode Rethinking Porn and Sex Work – A Happy Ending to the Year, where we discuss some convincing critiques of the views we expressed on porn and sex work in this episode.

Book Recommendation:

How to be a Woman by Caitlin Moran


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