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Freedom of Species:

Nick is a regular host of Freedom of Species, an animal advocacy show on 3CR community radio. This show is broadcast live on 855AM in Melbourne 1-2pm every Sunday and if you’re outside of Melbourne you can listen in live 1-2 Melbourne time on – the show is also on iTunes and Spotify.


Nick also occasionally hosts the music show Rotations on 3CR, sometimes with Katie. Here are some of the shows Nick has done so far on Rotations:


Check out our blog for more articles from us.

Katie wrote an article about ethical engagement rings on the site Ethical Bride here.

You can read a bunch of articles Nick has published here – mainly on animal rights, but there are also articles on a range of other topics such as challenging homophobia, sexism and dominant narratives on terrorism.

Nick and/or Katie have written most of the content for the Vegan Perth website.

Interviews/Segments featuring us on other Podcasts/Radio Shows:

You can hear Nick on That’s a Chunky podcast covering gender and the politics of the I Think You Should Leave fandom, plus Australian versus US comedy and references.

You can hear Nick on Radical Australia on 3CR Community Radio in a wide-ranging discussion covering everything from my parents, my childhood and starting life in Kalgoorlie (kind of!), to ice-hockey and cricket, to comedy, to veganism, and my activism and research.

You can hear Nick on Sentientism podcast, covering punk rock and politics, religion and spirituality, debates within the animal advocacy movement and much more! Youtube version, podcast version.

You can hear Nick on Monday Breakfast on 3CR Radio discussing how animals have been impacted by the Australian bushfire crisis (Nick is on 45:23 into the show).

You can hear Nick on How to Start a Riot podcast discussing lessons for social movements based on his academic research and activist experience.

You can hear Nick on Tuesday Breakfast on 3CR Radio discussing the Melbourne Cup horse race, attitudes towards animals in Leftist/social justice movements, intersectionality and much more.

You can hear Katie and many others discuss their veganism on the Freedom of Species radio show – interviews recorded at the Vegan Spring Festival at the Meat Market.

You can hear us both on the Species Barrier podcast, discussing vegan eating in the UK, animal advocacy and Nick’s thesis.

Katie was interviewed on Creating Space Project, discussing her personal experiences with abortion, divisive issues, justice and compassion.

Nick was interviewed about the Institute for Critical Animal Studies on Freedom of Species radio show – 9th July 2017 episode.

You can hear Nick on Critical Transit podcast discussing sustainable transport and how it relates to issues such as class, justice and animals.

Nick was interviewed on Which Side Vegan Anarchist podcast, covering Veganism, Video Games, Sports, Straight-Edge, Animal Rights Activism, Anarchism, Atheism, Religion, Podcasting & much more.

Nick was interviewed on Viva la Vegan! podcast, covering social justice issues, veganism, Occupy, the vegan scene in Perth, sociology, animal advocacy, podcasts, and much more.

We interviewed Elliot Black on being a teen vegan and going to an alternative school and this was played on episode 126 of Team Earthling.

You can hear Nick’s talk on live animal export from the Institute for Critical Animal Studies Oceania 2014 Conference on both Team Earthling and Freedom of Species.

We did a crossover episode with Team Earthling where we reflect on the Institute for Critical Animal Studies Oceania 2014 Conference: Critical Animal Studies in the Asia-Pacific. We also discuss a wide range of other issues including: activism approaches, non-violence, body shaming, gendered bathrooms, and teabagging.

On episode 113 of Team Earthling you can hear Nick discuss our approach to animal advocacy and how it impacts the Cruelty Free Festival – an animal rights and social justice festival that we help to organise.

Politicized: You can listen to part one of our interview on links between human rights and animal rights here and part two on similarities between Australian and U.S. politics, refugees and feminism here.

The Species Barrier: we gave a World Vegan Day message on their 10th episode.

Team Earthling interviewed us about animal rights on their 44th episode.

Citizen Radio played our interviews and discussion on Occupy Perth on their show, just before our first episode.

GalleryCast played our very first attempt at podcasting: Free the House Elves, Free the Animals – linking the plight of house elves in the Harry Potter series to the plight of other animals in our society.

Animal Rights Interviews (that we haven’t played on the show):

Nick was interviewed by Mia from Curtin University on the issue of “humane” animal exploitation and the relationship between animal advocates and farmers.

Nick was interviewed for Wirnida Azman’s article ‘Are Fines Alone Enough to Stop Animal Cruelty?‘ in The Bounce.  The article covers direct cruelty to animals (harm to quokkas in this case) and Nick links this back to the importance of not only opposing such acts of individual cruelty but also the cruelty that is “outsourced” through buying animal products.

Nick on 6PR discussing the horse meat scandal.

Nick’s interview on Viva la Vegan – covers playing ice-hockey and vegan fitness (written not audio).

Katie’s interview on Nutritional Empire – covers veganism and animal rights activism (written not audio).

Nick speaks to Corey Wrenn about animal rights activism (written not audio).

Katie on 6PR promoting our Cruelty Free Festival and talking about vegan food – part 1, part 2.

Nick’s very first radio interview – discussing Be Kind to Animals Week on 6PR.

Katie on Curtin FM discussing why she became vegan, how veganism has changed her life, reactions from her family and others, and she finishes with a delicious vegan recipe: grilled tortillas with sour cream.

Katie on Curtin FM discussing recent live export news, veganism and animal rights. She finishes with a vegan chocolate chip cookie recipe!

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