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This episode has an interview with Clare Middlemas and Nathan Verney from Refugee Rights Action Network WA on their convergence to Leonora Detention Centre and refugee rights generally. We also discuss Serco, the private company who runs Australian detention centres for asylum seekers. We start off the episode with some updates on Australian politics and same-sex marriage, including: Gillard wins the leadership battle but still refuses to support same-sex marriage, Wayne Swan’s article on the super-rich in The Monthly, the article ‘6 Things Rich People Need to Stop Saying’, good news and bad news for same-sex rights in the Queensland election, and Bolt supports same-sex marriage. We finish the episode by encouraging everyone to sign this petition to support Australian journalist Austin Mackell, who is facing bogus charges in Egypt. You can find out more about his case by listening to an interview with him here and reading articles about the case here, here, here, and here.

Book Recommendation:
The Hunger Games – read an article about the political themes in this series here and check out the website Hunger is Not a Game here.


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