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In this episode, we discuss some of the problems we have with Christmas, including sweatshops, animal exploitation and religion. When discussing Christmas, we introduce the brand new segment ‘When Karl Pilkington Makes Sense’! Before we get in to this, we give some updates on issues we covered on previous issues and some other stories, including: Labor’s policies on same-sex marriage and refugees, the first intersex mayor for Melbourne, police brutality against the Occupy movement in Perth, Australia and the U.S., sexism in men’s magazines, vegan recipes for Christmas, and problems with the education system.

Book recommendation: No Logo by Naomi Klein

Clips: Peep Show (series 7, episode 5), Seinfeld (episode 166), Justin Bieber ‘Drummer Boy’, The Boat that Rocked, Herman Cain Quotes Pokémon: Ex-Candidate Admits ‘Pokémon 2000’ Inspiration, Valedictorian Speaks Out Against School, Lagwagon from the album ‘Live in a Dive’, DRI ‘Dead Meat’, Ricky Gervais podcast, Ricky Gervais ‘Science’, Dark Place (episode 4), Cursive ‘Rise Up! Rise Up!’.

We apologise for the poor sound quality at times on this episode – our lap top which we usually record on was playing up which meant that we had to use another microphone.

You can download this episode on MediaFire here.

This report covers a recent incident where a female protestor had the tent she was wearing as clothes removed from her aggressively by police, who left her crying on the ground in her underwear. This report includes interviews with Occupy Melbourne activists from the day after this incident as well as some of our analysis, covering this incident and other aspects of Occupy Melbourne, such as the general repressive police reaction to Occupy Melbourne protestors. For more information on Occupy Melbourne, visit


Herald Sun, ‘Protester Stripped by Cops

Anti-Flag and Donots, ‘Protest Song’

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Moving forward... gay marriage supporters march through Melbourne in August

You can download this episode on MediaFire here.

In our second episode, we discuss some issues that the Labor Party is debating at their national conference: refugees and same-sex marriage. We also cover a number of other topics, including comments on our first episode, anarchy and democracy, Nick’s article for the International Day for the Abolition of Slavery, veganism, slavery in the cocoa industry and fair trade cocoa.

Book recommendation: Think: Straight Talk for Women to Stay Smart in a Dumbed-Down World  by Lisa Bloom

ABC News ‘Gillard Calls for ‘Fair Dinkum’ Conference Debate
Rise Against ‘Prayer of the Refugee’
The Broadways ‘15 Minutes’
Justin Sane ‘Thanks for the Letter…From a Kindler, Gentler American’
Peep Show (series 4, episode 1)
Doug Stanhope ‘On…Marriage, Gay and Otherwise’ (from Deadbeat Hero)
Chumbawamba ‘The Candidates Find Common Ground’
Lagwagon from the album ‘Live in a Dive’
Lily Allen ‘Fuck You’

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