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On this one we encourage people to have a Buy Nothing Christmas, mainly drawing on George Monbiot’s great article ‘So you need that smart cuckoo clock for Christmas, do you?’. We also discuss the impact of plastics on the environment and non-human animals. Other stuff covered on the episode is: the Facebook page ‘Boycott the Cultural and Economic Stimulus Event Called Christmas’, Politicized podcast takes on a bunch of holidays, George Monbiot changes his mind about veganism (again), Nick’s article ‘Jay-Z and Beyoncé: Veganism is much more than a Cleanse’  – please share :), and we pitch Katie’s new idea for a TV show.


Adbusters ‘Kalle Lasn on CNN for Buy Nothing Day’, Dead PrezNo Way as the Way’, Cricket sound effect, ReligulousBill Maher interviews Senior Vatican Priest’, DerekSeason 1, Episode 3’, Song from Crimethinc podcast episode 15, Lowkey ‘Too Much’.