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This episode features Adam Cardilini asking Nick questions about anarchism. These questions come out of the anarchism and animal liberation panel discussion from ICAS 2016, which we played on episodes 152 and 153. You can listen to the Q and A session following this panel discussion here. We also discuss direct democracy, consensus decision making and the Occupy movement.

For more information on anarchism, check out: Nick’s talk veganarchism (which we played on episode 134), Which Side podcast with Vegan Warrior Princesses, Anarchist FAQ, David Graeber’s book Fragments of an Anarchist Anthropology and pamphlet ‘Are You An Anarchist? The Answer May Surprise You!’, the documentary The Take and the TV show Mr Robot.

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Howard Zinn

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On this episode, we weigh up the pros and cons of voting, from an anarchist perspective. For our previous episode on this topic, check out episode 36 (part two).

Also covered throughout the episode is: why we’re anarchists, how anarchist ideas have widespread traction in society, elections as theatre, Aotearoa Anarchist Review on the Greens, the state and violence, and Sammy J’s Playground Politics.

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George Orwell’s book 1984 has been banned in Thailand. This image is from:

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On this episode we discuss our recent trip where us farangs (the Thai word for people of European origin) visited Phuket in Thailand. Just before we got to Thailand there was a military coup and the new regime has banned George Orwell’s book 1984. We cover this, as well as having a discussion on representative versus direct democracy. We also discuss kathoeys (who ‘are born physiologically male but, as one Thai saying goes, “have a female heart” ‘) and avoiding transphobia in feminist movements. We explore the relationship people have with animals in Thailand compared to Western countries, travelling as vegans and anti-consumerists, and skin whitening products being sold in the supermarkets (rather than the tanning products sold in the West). Also covered is the books we read while we were away: Atheism – The Case Against God and Buddhism Without Beliefs. You can view some of our photos from our trip here.

There is also further discussion on direct action and Israel/Palestine – the topics covered on episode 65. On Israel/Palestine, we mention the indefinite ceasefire that has been agreed to, the open letter signed by 327 Jewish survivors and descendants of survivors of the Holocaust calling for an end to the ‘ongoing genocide of Palestinian people’, and try and work out where to now for the movement for justice for Palestine? On direct action, we talk about direct action during the Vietnam War (as discussed in the book Occupy Everything: Anarchists and the Occupy Movement). We also mention Dan discussing direct action for refugees – you can hear more from Dan on episode 61. We recommend people check out Team Earthling animal rights podcast – specifically their episodes on ableism (including covering direct action and ableism), their crossover episode with us (which included a discussion on violence and non-violence), and their episode on teen veganism (which has an interview we did for their show).

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The image above is from Crimethinc.

This episode has been released in two parts. You can download part 1 of this episode on Media Fire here (49MB). You can listen to part 2 and subscribe to our podcast on iTunes here and you can also listen to part 2 on Cyber Ears here and here (61MB).

In part one of this episode, we discuss the Australian federal election. We start off by discussing a letter Nick received from the Liberal Party and their “direct action green army“, their solar panel to solve all environmental problems and how they always explain their policies “so clearly” (when they’re not being racist and sexist). We also discuss Luc “getting involved” in the I’m Voting Liberal Campaign. We highlight the similarities between Labor and Liberal – the two major parties in Australia – on issues such as digital rights and asylum seekers. See our 5th episode for an in-depth discussion on the similarities between these two parties.

The role of the minor parties is also covered. Family First have criticised The Sex Party – which makes us like The Sex Party a lot! We also argue that The Greens are not going anywhere any time soon, although Wikileaks preferences have not helped their cause in the Western Australian senate. Our friend Nathan may have worked out the reason behind these preferences – it involves football! Due to crappy preferences from many parties, we encourage people to work out your own how to vote card – see here for three sites where you can do this. We discuss all of the parties in our electorate and have created a Progressive Podcast “how to vote” for people to consider – you can view this here and please contact us before the election if you have any suggested changes. We encourage people to put progressive minor parties first, due to preferential voting in Australia, to oppose the “two-party system” which the mainstream media creates in Australia. Also mentioned were refugee advocate Julian Burnside’s recommendations for voting in this election, posters for the upcoming German election that we’ve seen around Berlin and Vego Foodworld vegan restaurant in Berlin.

We start off part two of the episode with the segment ‘What you HAVE learnt from Adbusters this week’, discussing the article ‘Barack Obama: The Hamlet President‘, from issue 108. Nick brags that he was right about Obama from the start (and you morons were all wrong :p) and John Pilger labels Obama ‘the Hopey Changey of western violence’. We discuss Obama’s broken promises (here’s more if you need them!), his policy on drones, the US political system and voting. We have the (long awaited?) return of the segment ‘When Karl Pilkington Makes Sense’, this time on voting. We discuss the similarities of Pilkington’s points with smarter people like Noam Chomsky (from the books Chomsky on Anarchism and Hegemony or Survival) and David Graeber (from Fragments of an Anarchist Anthropology). We talk about “informal voting” in Australia and former Opposition Leader Mark Latham (in)famously encouraging people to vote with a blank ballot and a big rise in the number people voting “informally” in that election.

We finish the episode by arguing that voting can have some positive effect but we need to do more and there are plenty of other ways we can make change outside of the voting booth. We also argue that ideally we’d have direct democracy not parliamentary rule – check out our 29th episode (part 2) for more on anti-capitalism and anarchism. Also covered on part two is “dirty fucking usual Jon’s” rant about the Miley Cyrus “incident”, the anti-Russian queerphobia rally and Vegan Festival that we went to in Berlin (which featured hip hop artist Albino and the collective-run vegan store Roots of Compassion – see photos from the event here), and finally we talk about Indigenous people being attacked with a bomb in Australia, which the mainstream media mostly ignored – please share this story on Facebook and Twitter so it gets the attention it deserves!

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Clips (part 1):

Rap News ‘Australian Election: A Game of Polls’, Election 2013 – Day One, The Drugs ‘I Was a Teenage Voter’.

Clips (part 2):

Bill Hicks ‘Politics in America‘, Dead Prez (featuring Estelle) ‘Let the People be Heard’, MorrisseyIrish Blood, English Heart (live)‘, Lowkey ‘My Soul’, Lowkey ‘Obama Nation’, Lowkey ‘Skit 2’ – speech by Tariq Ali, Obama on the Daily Show, The Young Turks on ObamaLowkey ‘Obama Nation (part 2)’, Bill Maher owned by Glenn Greenwald, John LajoieMiley, You’re A Good Girl‘, Ricky Gervais podcast with Karl Pilkington (series 2, part 1), George Carlin on voting, Family GuyEstablishment‘, Peep ShowChumbawamba ‘Mr Heseltine Meets His Public’, Dead Prez on voting – from Democracy Now, Dead PrezPolitrikks‘.