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Image from Netflix.

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Nick is joined by Nic from Pynk Spots for a DEEP dive into Bo Burnham’s musical comedy and what “content creators” (which is just about everyone in the age of social media!) can learn from his work. We mainly discuss his latest Netflix special ‘Inside’ but also touch on his previous specials ‘Make Happy’ and ‘What?’ – both of these are also available on Netflix.


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The music is all from Bo Burnham! It includes: Content from ‘Inside’, Can’t Handle This (Kanye Rant) from ‘Make Happy’, Comedy from ‘Inside’, Don’t Wanna Know from ‘Inside’ and Art is Dead from ‘What?’.

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Jack, whose art and music is featured on this episode, at the punk show we saw in Leeds. Follow Jack on Twitter @infogrrrrl

You can listen to this episode above and subscribe to our podcast on iTunes. You can also listen to this episode on StitcherCyber Ears or download it on (53mins, 43MB).

This episode covers our trip to Leeds, which included visiting an art show, doing an interview with advocates for homeless people, going to a punk show and seeing the LGBT History Month exhibit at Leeds City Museum. You can see some of our photos from Leeds and the rest of our UK trip here.

Katie at Leeds City Museum.

Jack discusses their art piece (below – content warning for mental health issues), zines, mental development, artistic practice and what is art? Check out Jack’s podcast on relationships: How We Connect!

Jack’s art piece *content warning for mental health issues.

Jack’s art piece continued *content warning for mental health issues. Sorry for the blurry pic!

There’s an interview with Haydn Pat from Leeds Homeless Partnership and Leeds Tent City on how to address homelessness in Leeds and beyond. This interview was featured on a Facebook video by Christopher Ellis, which has over 14K views!

Naomi discusses her art piece (below) and challenging whether classic feminist texts are actually feminist.

Naomi’s art piece.

We also discuss identity politics and implicit bias – for more on this, take the Harvard Test and watch this show on SBS.

We mention Nandos cashing in on the queer market. For more on animal exploiting fast food corporations making money off the queer movement, check out Jess Ison’s talk: “Do Gay People Even Eat Fast Food?” Queering animal liberation (animalizing queer?) which we played on episode 140.

We spotted this in Leeds.

We finish the episode by discussing Jack’s involvement with Leeds Survivor Support Group, “ideal victims” and male victims of sexual assault. There is a video on this topic but we will add a content warning for discussion of sexual assault and very frequent use of “the r word”: link for video.

Jack has set up this important group.

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Cat ApostropheSmall Things’, Jack on their art work, Interview with Haydn Pat from Leeds Homeless Partnership, Naomi discusses her art piece, CamboysNo Timewasters’.

The bands we saw in Leeds – check all of them out on Bandcamp!

handle it

We have an interview with Laura about her play on this episode.

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This time we’re joined by Laura Jackson, an actor and feminist playwright. She discusses her play ‘Handle It’ and its feminist themes, art and social change, nude photos of Jennifer Lawrence being shared without her consent, the feminist campaign against sexist “pick up artist” Julien Blanc, and Tracy Spicer’s Ted Talk ‘The Lady Stripped Bare’. You can find out more about the play by checking out the Facebook event page and you can buy tickets here. If you can’t make it along to the play, you can still support the project by donating to its Pozible campaign. We also encourage people to have a look at Laura’s website, as well as following her on Twitter @LaurayJackson and liking her Facebook page.

We also discuss gender and the G20, kids toys and Australia’s shitty (mainstream) media.

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Lily Allen ‘Hard Out Here’ – you can read an article on the racist aspects of the film clip for this song at, Austin PowersMichael JacksonPrivacy’, Interview with Laura Jackson, Auckland Law RevueRobin Thicke – Blurred Lines [Feminist Parody] Defined Lines’.

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