Male lions like the two pictured above ‘pair-bond and initiate homosexual activity’ – image and text from intentblog.com

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Nick and new co-host “the Kitten” are joined by Jess Ison, author of the blog Queering Speciesism and Institute for Critical Animal Studies Oceania Rep. Jess discusses links between queer issues and speciesism (discrimination based on species)/animal rights issues, including: mourning the deaths of non-human animals and queer people, Bash Back!, Operation Splash Back, links between the campaign for same-sex marriage and the live export campaign, Critical Animal Studies and queer issues, direct action and the Animal Liberation Front, Mardis Gras, how to be a queer ally, and non-human animals refusing gender norms and binaries. You can hear more from Jess on Freedom of Species – she particularly recommends her interview with pattrice jones.

We also encourage people to read Nick’s article ‘When Will Moderate Whites Condemn the NAACP Bombing?’, and listen to: Crimethinc podcast on white supremacy, Ebola and MayDay; The Angry Hippie’s podcast on terrorism and police racism in the US; and we also briefly touched on police racism in the US on our 78th episode.

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Adhamh Roland ‘Queers Bash Back’, Part 1 of our discussion with Jess, Good Riddance ‘Cheyenne’, Part 2 of our discussion with Jess, Angel HazeSame Love’.

You can listen to a short (8 minute) version of this episode, which features a shortened version of our discussion with Jess, here: Queering Speciesism. You can subscribe to these short versions of our episodes through Omny.


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