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Katie is joined by Sarah McGrath from Women for Women France and they discuss increased rates of family violence during the coronavirus lockdown and the different responses to the issue in France compared to Australia.

Other topics covered in the discussion are: the many different forms that family violence takes and the importance of cultural change, as well as services and education focusing on perpetrators.

Katie also briefly mentions the Australian Unions campaign for rebuilding the economy and restoring secure jobs in the wake of the COVID-19 crisis.


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Sam Castro

Sam Castro.

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This episode features a talk from activist Sam Castro on challenging sexism within progressive movements and creating system change. This talk was recorded at the 2018 Students of Sustainability conference in Melbourne. Sam is an activist with Friends of the Earth and WACA, and has been on our podcast all the way back on episode 65, discussing direct action.

Some of the points that came up in Sam’s workshop that we have covered on previous episodes are call in versus call out culture and Men of Colour being more likely to be called out for sexism. We also covered the #MeToo movement on episode 191.

If you’d like to join in discussions on this topic and others, we encourage you to join us at the upcoming forum ‘Community as Activism: Building Community within the Animal Liberation Movement and Beyond’ by the Institute for Critical Animal Studies (ICAS) Oceania. This free event will feature sessions on transformative justice and #MeToo, as well as intersectionality in practice and building community. It will be held on Saturday 4 August, 1-5pm at Library at the Dock (107 Victoria Harbour Promenade, Docklands) – in Melbourne.

This episode also features a little bit of Adam Cardilini’s talk on the environmental impact of animal agriculture. This is from the workshop ‘Achieving Environmental Liberation Through Animal Liberation’ which Adam ran with Nick, also at the Students of Sustainability conference. You can listen to both of our talks from this workshop here and view Adam’s PowerPoint here and below. We also covered the environmental impact of animal agriculture on episode 171.

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Diet CigMaid of the Mist’, Sam Castro ‘How do we get from Me Too in Hollywood to smashing patriarchy in our movement and creating system change?’, Adam CardiliniAchieving Environmental Liberation Through Animal Liberation’, First Aid KitYou Are the Problem Here’.

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On this episode we give our take on the #metoo campaign and get onto a number of other related issues, such as gender and domestic violence.

We also discuss some solutions to the issues highlighted by the #metoo campaign, including bringing in Marxist perspectives from Alyx Gorman and Helen Razer from the event ‘On Your Marx’.

Other stuff covered on the episode is ‘Harry Potter fan gets blocked by J.K. Rowling after asking Johnny Depp question‘ and the wage penalty for motherhood but the opposite for fathers.

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War on WomenBroken Record’, Michigan Democrat says vote for her because she has no penis, #MeToo: What’s next? – The Feed, KeshaPraying’.

The Time magazine cover we discuss on the episode.

You can listen to this episode above and subscribe to our podcast on iTunes. You can also listen to this episode on StitcherCyber Ears or download it on (35mins, 28MB).

On this episode, which happens to fall on International Podcast Day, we show how up-to-date we are with current events by discussing writer bell hooks calling Beyonce a terrorist (like 10 years ago). We also discuss an analysis of this by Hillary Crosley Coker and the website Beyonce set up What is Pretty?. These debates between different waves of feminism are relevant in light of our ongoing discussions about sex work. You can hear more from bell hooks on the podcast Politically Reactive, which we highly recommend!

The episode also features a talk from Jess Ison challenging the idea that wearing high heels is capitulating to the patriarchy. This talk is from the Femme panel discussion from the most recent Institute for Critical Animal Studies (Oceania) conference. If you’d like to hear more from Jess, she has been on our podcast a bunch of times plus also listen in to her recent talk ‘Prisons, animal abuse registries, and animal liberation: A critique of punitive measures’.

Jess speaking on the femme panel.

Finally, there’s also a discussion on the show ‘War on Waste’ and Katie’s message to local coffee shops, inspired by the #BYOCoffeeCup campaign from this show. If you’re in Australia, you can watch this show on iView, if you’re anywhere else, you can see parts of it on Youtube.

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Bad Cop, Bad CopAmputations’, Lowkey ft. Crazy Haze & Mai Khalil ‘Terrorist’, Billy BraggKing Tide and the Sunny Day Flood’, Jess Ison from the Femme panel discussion, Beyonce ‘Pretty Hurts’ – film clip and clip with lyrics, The IT Crowd ‘Series 1, Episode 2’ – Jen’s new shoes.