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Advocates for the Nordic Model for sex work argue that this approach does not target sex workers themselves, only their clients. However, Jane Green and Cameron Cox dispute these claims and argue that it is decriminalisation that leads to the best outcomes for sex workers. Jane Green is a sex worker who is on the Executive Committee of the Scarlet Alliance. Cameron Cox is a sex worker who is involved in a sex worker outreach organisation. Beyond the Nordic model and decriminalisation, Jane and Cameron also discuss the “rescue industry”, transphobia, unions for sex workers, and sex work phobia/whorephobia – follow @AnarchaSxworker for more on whorephobia. Part two of our interview with Jane and Cameron is featured on episode 105 (sorry for the delay!). For more on sex work, you can listen to our 44th episode: Rethinking Porn and Sex Work.

We also give some updates on Israel/Palestine, which we covered on episodes 62 and 63. We mention that Israeli products have a barcode of 729, for those looking to boycott Israeli products as part of the BDS movement. We also mention other actions being taken beyond BDS, such as an Israeli arms factory being shut down in the UK – update: these activists have since been arrested. Other updates include: Israel admits Hamas was not responsible for the kidnapping and killing of Israeli teens, Amnesty International challenges Israel’s claims about Hamas using civilians as “human shields”, BBC bias over Israel leading to a BBC journalist resigning (a journalist from the Sydney Morning Herald has also resigned for similar reasons), the use of social media by Palestinians – see here and here for examples of tweets, the Israeli government paying uni students to circulate pro-Israeli information on social media networks, and cartoons portraying Hamas and Israeli’s spark outrage. For more on Israel/Palestine, check out our last two episodes and also the article ‘Busting Israeli Occupation One Liners’ by Sara Saleh, Amnesty International Australia’s spokesperson. You can also read Nick’s article on Israel/Palestine, the first on our new blog!, here: ‘A Response to Sam Harris Blaming Muslims for the “Careful” and “Compassionate” Killing of Palestinian Civilians‘.

Also covered on the episode is our new “studio”comments from our listeners on the story ‘Church of England Votes to Allow Women to Become Bishops’, new “counter-terrorism” measures proposed by the Australian government, the Girls on Film Festival, and really important issues such as the upcoming David Brent movie and Nick turning 30. Shout outs to the Queer Punx Podcast!

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Frank Turner ‘Photosynthesise’, Green DayThe Grouch’, Dead Prez ‘Scar Strangled Banner’, Part 1 of our interview with Jane Green and Cameron CoxAustin PowersSubhumans ‘No’ (live).

You can listen to a short (9 minute) version of this episode, which features a shortened version of our interview with Jane and Cameron on the Nordic Model, here: Nordic Model is Nor Good for Sex Workers. You can subscribe to these short versions of our episodes through Omny.

  1. Jess says:

    Another great episode guys. Just wanted to mention that the use of cunt in a derogatory manor isn’t very helpful. We have stopped using it in its derogatory, female oppressing, state and now only use it in a positive or neutral way, e.g. when referring to anatomy. Hope this doesn’t come across to sensitive just want to stop the socially ingrained subconscious female hate. Cheerio, Jess and Adam

    • Hey Jess and Adam, thanks a lot for the feedback, we certainly encourage people to call us out on our language if it is sexist or oppressive in any other way.

      I know Katie used to feel the same way about the word and didn’t use it in any context but has changed her mind about it since. I will pass this on to her and I’ll make sure we address the use of this word on the next episode.

      Thanks again and nice to hear you enjoyed the episode,

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