Episode 44: Rethinking Porn and Sex Work – A Happy Ending to the Year

Posted: December 29, 2013 in Uncategorized
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solution is good porn

The above is from Other Nature sex shop in Berlin and we discuss this idea on this episode.

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This episode covers some of the critiques of the views on porn and sex work that we expressed on our 14th episode. We cover some different views on these issues from member of the show “Risqué Rhian”, Kathryn, and a staff member at the feminist, queer, eco, mostly vegan sex shop Other Nature. Some of the issues we discuss are: reflecting on radical feminism and third wave feminism, problems with comparing happy animal exploitation and happy porn, whether objectification is inherent to porn, the importance of getting the perspective of sex workers, sex work as another form of labour exploitation under capitalism, and capitalism and patriarchy. We also discuss German “ticket inspectors”, our New Year’s Revolution episode, the ICAS Oceania 2014 conference call for papers, Katy Perry and feminismScarlet Road: A Sex Workers Journey, and Date My Pornstar.

We got some feedback on our China episode regarding China’s One Child Policy and we use this to discuss population issues, intersections with male privilege and Crimethinc Ex-Worker podcast on Nazis infiltrating the environmental movement to push for a greater focus on population and reducing migration. We encourage people to give us reviews on Stitcher and also check out our episode on marriage and contact us if you’d like to contribute to our upcoming episode on alternative weddings.

This episode is brought to you by “Risqué Rhian”. Thanks a lot to Rhian for becoming a member of our show – you can become a member and sponsor an episode too!


Hang Out With Me ‘Episode 81’, Bikini KillJigsaw Youth’, Derrick Jensen ‘The Other Side of Darkness’, FriendsFree Porn’, Peep Show ‘Series 5, Episode 4’, ‘Indecent Proposal’, ‘Series 6, Episode 3’, The IT Crowd ‘Series 3, Episode 6’, The Broadways ‘I Hear things are just as bad down in Lake Eerie’, Austin Powers, Not Right ‘The Revolution is Not Complete’.

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