Episode 19: New Year’s Revolutions, KillCap, Protest Against Coal Seam Gas Mining*

Posted: December 20, 2012 in Uncategorized
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This image is taken from Marionette Life Thingy.

You can download this episode on MediaFire here (40MB).

This episode gives some political new year’s resolutions. The “new year’s revolutions” we promote are: 1. Challenge full-time work to allow more time for other things like art and activism. We have an interview with Boudicca Cerese from CSG Free Northern Rivers on the issue of coal seam gas mining and ongoing protests in New South Wales, Australia. 2. Play KillCapcombining gaming and activism – from Adbusters. 3. Go Vegan for reasons such as the complex lives of farm animals and opposing animal slaughter. We also encourage people who are already vegan to do vegan mentoring and change to Cruelty Free Super. 4. Move away from car use. 5. Buy less shit. 6. Question capitalism and think about alternatives – check out the website Audio for a Revolution for heaps of anti-capitalist sources.

We also cover: the article In Defense of New Year’s Resolutions, B’s really nice review of our podcast, supposed “terrorist” Tame Iti paints the front cover of New Zealand Geographic, E-readers and government snooping, Zenhabits.net and Feminist Disney.


The Lawrence Arms ‘Eighteen Inches’, Shayne Hunter from Occupy Art Lab, Interview with Boudicca Cerese on Perth Indymedia – conducted by Nick Pendergrast, The Smith Street Band ‘What’s Changed’, Peep Show ‘Series 4, Episode 5’, Los Fastidios ‘Animal Liberation’, Austin Powers, AbdominalPedal Pusher’, Anti-FlagThe Consumer’s Song’, Peep Show ‘Series 3, Episode 5’, Austin Powers, The Black Eyed PeasWhere is the Love?’.

*We apologise that there is some background noise in the first two minutes – this all goes away after these first two minutes 🙂  Also please ignore Katie’s coughing and sniffles!

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