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We start off this episode by discussing child-free women and climate change, drawing on articles by Katie, Linda Yang, Ruby Hamad and Wil Anderson.

Katie was amused by this sign we saw in Edinburgh – you can see more photos from our UK trip here:

Ruth Sanderson-Dredge from the Species Barrier podcast and Prevent Unwanted Pets Lincoln also discusses the sexism she faced as a young woman wanting to get a sterilisation. This is a continuation of Katie and Ruth’s discussion on child-free women from episode 166.

One of the puppies we got to hang out with in Lincoln thanks to Ruth’s work rescuing dogs (linked to above) – you can see more photos from our UK trip here:

We finish the episode by discussing: child-free/childless women in politics, comedian Myq Kaplan’s new album ‘No Kidding’, Jason Brownlee’s article on US intervention Syria, and the upcoming event in Townsville The Food We Eat: Its impact on environments & bodies – which Nick will be speaking at. For more articles on population recommended by Marcus from the Species Barrier, see here.

This episode is brought to you by “Marky Mark” – thanks to Mark for donating to our Crowdfunding campaign! You can read Mark’s writing about population on and you can also hear Mark on our podcast, discussing population amongst other environmental issues.


Anohni4 Degrees’, Myq Kaplan ‘Money, Drugs and Nicholas Cage’ from the album ‘No Kidding’, Garfunkel and OatesFrozen Lullaby’.

*Title shamelessly stolen from Myq Kaplan’s latest stand-up comedy album ‘No Kidding’, which you can buy here and check out all of his stuff at!

The message Katie left at the Leeds Museum – you can see more photos from our UK trip here:

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This episode features The Species Barrier on child-free women. The discussion covers: the importance of adopting kids, debating the issue not the person, the Voluntary Human Extinction Movement, anti-natalism and the origin of the “missionary” position.

We also discuss section 18C of the Racial Discrimination Act, free speech and privilege.

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LogicBegging You’, Cyndi LauperGirls Just Want To Have Fun’, MistroYour Lullaby’.

This image was chosen to put into context claims about Australian public transport being overcrowded (a point made during the episode) rather than to feed into the racist narrative that predominantly blames poorer countries for environmental problems. Image from

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On this one we take on the controversial issue of population, with the help of town planner and environmental activist Mark Allen. We discuss population on both a global and national scale, in light of Australia’s population recently reaching 24 million people. This includes addressing some feedback we got (see the comments on this post) on episodes 115 and 116, which focused on progressive parenting. The episode is a continuation from our discussion with Mark from our previous episode, #127, which focused on addressing urban sprawl.

Mark has written about these issues in his article ‘Why The Greens’ Plan For A Liveable Melbourne Will Not Save Melbourne’ and in the zine he has co-written ‘Why We Need to Talk about Population’ – available at New Internationalist bookshop in Melbourne. Mark has also set up the Facebook groups Population, Permaculture and Planning and Sustainable Cruelty-Free Communities.

If you’d like to hear other episodes where we have covered population, we spoke about the issue at the end of episodes 15 and 44. It would also be worth checking out episode 10, where we challenged the notion of “legitimate” refugees/migrants, which came up in this episode.

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Morrissey ‘End of the Line’, Bad ReligionAgainst the Grain’, The Jam ‘Thick as Thieves’.

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solution is good porn

The above is from Other Nature sex shop in Berlin and we discuss this idea on this episode.

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This episode covers some of the critiques of the views on porn and sex work that we expressed on our 14th episode. We cover some different views on these issues from member of the show “Risqué Rhian”, Kathryn, and a staff member at the feminist, queer, eco, mostly vegan sex shop Other Nature. Some of the issues we discuss are: reflecting on radical feminism and third wave feminism, problems with comparing happy animal exploitation and happy porn, whether objectification is inherent to porn, the importance of getting the perspective of sex workers, sex work as another form of labour exploitation under capitalism, and capitalism and patriarchy. We also discuss German “ticket inspectors”, our New Year’s Revolution episode, the ICAS Oceania 2014 conference call for papers, Katy Perry and feminismScarlet Road: A Sex Workers Journey, and Date My Pornstar.

We got some feedback on our China episode regarding China’s One Child Policy and we use this to discuss population issues, intersections with male privilege and Crimethinc Ex-Worker podcast on Nazis infiltrating the environmental movement to push for a greater focus on population and reducing migration. We encourage people to give us reviews on Stitcher and also check out our episode on marriage and contact us if you’d like to contribute to our upcoming episode on alternative weddings.

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Hang Out With Me ‘Episode 81’, Bikini KillJigsaw Youth’, Derrick Jensen ‘The Other Side of Darkness’, FriendsFree Porn’, Peep Show ‘Series 5, Episode 4’, ‘Indecent Proposal’, ‘Series 6, Episode 3’, The IT Crowd ‘Series 3, Episode 6’, The Broadways ‘I Hear things are just as bad down in Lake Eerie’, Austin Powers, Not Right ‘The Revolution is Not Complete’.

This image is from Time to Thin the Herd – Black Friday is the biggest shopping day in the U.S.

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We open the episode (which marks one year of our show!) with some good news for Palestine, which has been recognised by the United Nations. We also look at which countries supported Palestine and which didn’t, including Australia, and how wealthy these countries are. On Palestine, we also cover calls for Holocaust studies to be compulsory in Aotearoa (New Zealand) and the recent Rally for Gaza in Perth, organised by Friends of Palestine Western Australia. There is also a discussion on speciesism (discrimination based on species), intersectionality (links between different forms of oppression) and coalition building (making alliances betwen different social movements), and 99% of Australians being opposed to animal cruelty. We cover some environmental issues, such as the importance of buying second-hand books or borrowing from libraries (which also have social benefits), population growth in the Amazon, Growthbusters and The Species Barrier podcast. We have a return of the segment ‘When Karl Pilkington Makes Sense’, this time on Christmas. We finish the episode by talking about Black Friday zombies and the challenge to Buy Nothing Until 2013 – see articles on this here and here, and how to celebrate Christmas in a way that has less environmental impact, such as having a donation in your name to organisations like Pop Offsets as presents.

We encourage everyone to listen to our interview on the great podcast Politicized! You can listen to part one on links between human rights and animal rights here and part two on similarities between Australian and U.S. politics, refugees and feminism here.


Al Jazeera ‘Palestinians Celebrate Status Upgrade at UN’, Michael Heart ‘We Will Not Go Down’, Peep Show (series 4, episode 1), Package from Rally for Gaza in Perth – recorded and edited by Nick Pendergrast, That Mitchell and Webb Look (series 3, episode 6), The U.S. Office ‘Season 6, Episode 11’, Growthbusters ‘Hooked on Growth: Find the Cure’, Ricky Gervais podcast with Karl Pilkington ‘The Podfather Part III – Christmas’, The Smith Street Band ‘I Want Friends’.

This image is from Climate Action.

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In this episode we explore the environmental crisis and the way in which the dominant argument is that we don’t have to worry about other issues like consumption and population, all we have to do is use new technologies, energy efficiency and market-based solutions like the carbon tax. To help us discuss this, we are joined by PhD student Caleb Goods, who is doing his thesis on green jobs and has published the article ‘Labour Unions, the Environment and Green Jobs’. We not only challenge dominant solutions to environmental problems but also offer some of our solutions to reducing consumption including buying second-hand, minimalism and more systemic changes, as well as giving some ways to reduce population including choosing not to reproduce and donating to Pop Offsets.** We also discuss stupid climate change denial billboards, Gina Rinehart and climate change denial in Australia, Occupy Wall Street helping out with Hurricane Sandy, animal agriculture being excluded from the carbon tax, Common Ground Festival, Julia Gillard and uranium mining, the great documentary Operation 8: Deep in the Forrest (see the website for more info on this case) and we finish with some positive steps that have already been taken to seriously deal with the environmental crisis.

**Update: We finish episode 44 with a critical examination of some population arguments, with a focus on the intersections between population and gender.

Book Recommendation:

Green Gone Wrong by Heather Rogers


True Blood ‘Season 3, Episode 9’, 1000 Eyes ‘Gaia’, Sherlock ‘Season 1, Episode 3’, CNNNN ‘The Firth Factor’, That Mitchell and Webb Sound ‘Global Warming’, Iron Man 2, Nick Pendergrast’s interview with Caleb Goods – from Perth Indymedia on RTR 92.FM,  Propagandhi ‘Rock for Sustainable Capitalism’, CNNNN, Leftover Crack ‘One Dead Cop’, Voicemail from Jon, That Mitchell and Webb Sound ‘Big Talk 3’, Chumbawamba ‘Buy Nothing Day’, Cobra Skulls ‘Overpopulated’, Peep Show (Series 5, episode 6), Leftover CrackLife is Pain’, Ignite ‘Hands on Stance’.

*The title of this episode was taken from the Propagandhi song with this name, which we play on the episode.