Episode 42: China – ‘The Factory of the World’*

Posted: December 17, 2013 in Uncategorized
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Image from 99FM.

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This time we’re joined by “China Ben” who informs us on a wide range of political and environmental issues in China. Some of the topics we discuss with Ben are: repression of activists in China, inequality in China including the urban/rural divide, taking action on behalf of workers, corruption, creative ways of getting around censorship online, the West’s role in China’s environmental problems and the One Child Policy.

To find out more about these issues and China, Ben recommends: the documentary iRevolution which was censored by CNN, Amnesty International, the New Citizens Movement, Blockedonweibo.tumblr.com on Chinese internet censorship, danwei.com on Chinese media, Chinageeks.org on injustice and censorship, and Sinica podcast on everything China-related.

This episode is brought to you by Taylor (the Sailor?). You can hear Taylor speaking out against body shaming at the Animal Activists Forum on episode 102 of Team Earthling. Thanks a lot to Taylor for becoming a member of our show – you can become a member and sponsor an episode too!

Book Recommendation:

They Did Nothing: Why the Truth doesn’t always come out when the UN goes in by Linda Polman.


Aceyalone & RJD2Moore’, The IT Crowd (final special), Part one of our interview with Ben, Austin PowersFlight of the Conchords ‘Song for Sally’, Part two of our interview with Ben, The VandalsOi to the world!’.

*This is a quote from the interview with Ben.

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