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On this episode we discuss the Aboriginal protests at the G20 Summit in Brisbane, where the Warriors of Resistance (WAR) was introduced. Also at Aboriginal protests during the G20, the Australian flag and effigies of Aboriginal “leaders” labelled as “sell outs” were burnt. We discuss the outrage at the burning of the flag from some white Australians, drawing on a Facebook post from Aboriginal activist Sam Watson, and the way that this anger should be directed towards actual injustice such as Aboriginal deaths in custody and gap in life expectancy compared to the overall Australian averages. We also mention Abbott’s horrible “nothing but bush” comments during the G20, the tokenism of people like Abbott towards Indigenous Australians, and being an ally to Indigenous people. For more coverage of protests against the G20, see Indymedia Australia and our 74th and 75th episodes.

There’s also discussion on police violence against African-American people in the US and solidarity actions in Australia and the UK. We refer to “that hug” in Portland and structural critiques of the police (the problem is bigger than the individual!), anarchist alternatives to the police, and direct action for refugees in Perth (listen to RTR Indymedia’s interview with Victoria Martin – one of the participants in this action – for more on this). We also encourage people to listen in to our 21st episode to hear “the usual Jon” on the self-identification of Maori people in Aotearoa and the 17/11/2014 episode of RTR Indymedia for an interview with Aboriginal activist Iva Haywood, on the Western Australian government closing Aboriginal communities.

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This episode covers the Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement (TPPA), which is a corporate power tool of the 1% that has problems such as secrecy and a lack of transparency, and has also been linked to U.S. interests. On this show we have a great interview with journalist, lawyer and activist Edward Miller live from a rally against the TPPA in Aotearoa (New Zealand), where the TPPA negotiations are taking place. Unfortunately there was police brutality at this rally – see here for an update on this brutality that we didn’t cover on the show. We also discuss free movement for money rather than people and neoliberal globalisation generally. There is some discussion on environmental issues including: 4 degrees of global warming, art for the environment, buying junk at Christmas time, the environmental impact of internet use,, and The Species Barrier podcast. Other issues covered are the social benefits of libraries (email the author at for a copy of this article), speciesism, Caitlin Moran’s idiotic comment and intersectionality (this time on the links between different forms of oppression amongst humans).

Book Recommendation:

The Shock Doctrine by Naomi Klein


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