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On this show Nick is joined by his cousin Emil Raji who is currently in Jakarta and we discuss the Coronavirus and the substantial impacts that it will have, particularly on the casualised workforce and small business owners.

We really encourage people to check out the article ‘Coronavirus: Why You Must Act Now’ on the importance of social distancing and isolating yourself to prevent the spread of the corona virus. The more people do this and the sooner, the more controllable the virus will be.

If you’re in Australia and you think that you might have Corona virus, you can do a symptom check on and you can also call 1800 022 222 to speak to a registered nurse. For general information about the virus, call the Australian Government’s Coronavirus Health Information Line on 1800 020 080.

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The Late Show with Stephen Colbert ‘When Rehearsal Becomes The Show: Stephen Colbert’s First-Ever No-Audience Late Show Monologue’, Morrissey ‘I’m Okay By Myself’.

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Because Australian tourists are the REAL victims here! There is a strong focus on Australian tourists being “duped” in the campaign against dog meat in Bali.

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This episode covers the Bali dog meat scandal, where Australian tourists have been eating dogs thinking they were eating a different species of animal. To discuss this, Nick is joined by his cousin Emil Raji, who has lived in Bali for most of his life. We give a critical perspective on this scandal and the campaign against it, highlighting the nationalism and racism underlying the outrage behind eating dogs as particularly exceptional or worse than eating other animals.

We play Nick’s talk ‘Rescuing Dogs in a Mercedes-Benz: Animal Advocacy in China’. This talk gives a critical perspective on Western opposition to the dog meat trade. You can view the PowerPoint for this talk here and it is also embedded above. This talk is from the most recent TASA (The Australian Sociological Association) conference. You can listen to other talks from this conference here and you can hear our recap of this conference on episode 151.

We also play Colin Salter’s talk ‘Normativity, Intersectionality and States of Exception’, which argues that animal advocates shouldn’t focus on the relatively small number of animals killed in non-Western counties as exceptional but instead address the far more widespread animal slaughter in Western countries. This talk was recorded at the most recent Institute for Critical Animal Studies (ICAS) Oceania conference. You can hear a recap of this conference on episode 152 and there are links to audio of all of the talks from it in the show notes of that episode. Also a reminder about the upcoming ICAS Oceania conference (14-16 July) and the Development for Species – Animals in society, animals as society conference (18-19 September). They are both in Melbourne.

I spotted this at the vet. On the episode I mentioned that it was the ‘Fuck Off We’re Full’ sticker but it was actually a different racist sticker alongside the Sea Shepherd sticker – same problem though – do animal campaigns feed into racist attitudes?

Other stuff covered on this episode is: the thousands of dogs killed in Australia each year, using the website/app to help with vegan eating in Bali and all around the world, nationalism and racism in the campaign against live export – for more on this, check out episode 97 (also featuring Emil) and Nick’s talk ‘Live Animal Export, Humane Slaughter And Media Hegemony’.

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Madness on tha Block ‘Ironi’, Nick’s talk ‘Rescuing Dogs in a Mercedes-Benz: Animal Advocacy in China’, Colin Salter’s talk ‘Normativity, Intersectionality and States of Exception’, Ugly Bastard ‘Menuju Pulau Seribu Luka’.

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This episode covers the Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement (TPPA), which is a corporate power tool of the 1% that has problems such as secrecy and a lack of transparency, and has also been linked to U.S. interests. On this show we have a great interview with journalist, lawyer and activist Edward Miller live from a rally against the TPPA in Aotearoa (New Zealand), where the TPPA negotiations are taking place. Unfortunately there was police brutality at this rally – see here for an update on this brutality that we didn’t cover on the show. We also discuss free movement for money rather than people and neoliberal globalisation generally. There is some discussion on environmental issues including: 4 degrees of global warming, art for the environment, buying junk at Christmas time, the environmental impact of internet use,, and The Species Barrier podcast. Other issues covered are the social benefits of libraries (email the author at for a copy of this article), speciesism, Caitlin Moran’s idiotic comment and intersectionality (this time on the links between different forms of oppression amongst humans).

Book Recommendation:

The Shock Doctrine by Naomi Klein


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