Episode 47: How to be a Good Feminist Ally

Posted: February 22, 2014 in Uncategorized
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The above image is from critical-theory.com

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In this one we discuss our experiences at our local One Billion Rising event – we promoted this global event on our last episode. We bring you some of the talks from this event, including Lesley Kirkwood – Managing Solicitor of The Women’s Law Centre of WA and Greens MLC Lynn MacLaren. We reflect on the intersectional nature of the event, the importance of trigger warnings and a flyer we got at the event – 10 Things Men can do to Prevent Gender Violence. We use this flyer to discuss how to be a good feminist ally (and how to be a good ally of any cause where you are not part of the oppressed group). We start off the episode with our latest ‘Find from the street’ and we also speak out against slut shaming, discuss some feedback on our show, and mention the TV show What Would You Do and the Indymedia radio show that we sometimes co-host, which you can subscribe to on iTunes.

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