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We discuss the powerful documentary The Final Quarter which covers the racism that AFL footballer Adam Goodes received at the end of his career. You can watch this documentary here.

Further sources relevant to this documentary and the treatment of Adam Goodes:

  • Professor Tim Soutphommasane: ‘Racism is the cause of division, anti-racism is what we need to combat it’ – analysis of The Final Quarter (video).
  • GO Foundation: Adam Goodes and Mick O’Loughlin started GO to give Indigenous students a better future through education.

We also discuss Waleed Aly’s article ‘Trump’s racist tweets have parallels to the abuse of Adam Goodes’; the talk ‘White Fragility’ by Robin DiAngelo; Miranda Tapsell and Nakkiah Lui on Series 2, Episode 8 of Get Krack!n; and studies showing widespread bias based on race (US, Australia) and gender.


Treaty ’18 ft Baker Boy – Yothu Yindi & Gavin Campbell, Aamer Rahman ‘Adam Goodes’, The Final Quarter ‘Waleed Aly reacts’, Plasmo ‘Episode 10: Balance in the Universe’, Warumpi Band ‘Black Fella White Fella’, Guardian News ‘US house condemns Trump over racist comments’, Treaty ’18 ft Baker Boy – Yothu Yindi & Gavin Campbell.

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Andrew Bolt reacts to Adam Goodes.


Waleed Aly’s call for more money for services to tackle domestic violence reached a lot of people online and through the popular current affairs TV show The Project.

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This time we take on the lack of funding for services to tackle domestic violence in the federal budget. We’re joined by Jessica Ellen, a law student who has done research into domestic violence and volunteered at community legal centres.

We start by playing Waleed Aly’s #ShowMeTheMoney video on this issue, as well as Jessica’s follow-up video on this.

Jessica then discusses the importance of domestic violence services and education for men, government cuts and how this relates to domestic violence, the role of the law in addressing these issues, Waleed Aly’s interview with Malcolm Turnbull, gendered violence and why anger management alone doesn’t address it, and Jane Gilmore’s article ‘What the Coroner’s Court report reveals about domestic violence’.

Also covered on the episode is: 1800 Respect, non-profits and neoliberalism, religion and progressive values (check out episodes 87 and 88 for more on this), and we promote Indymedia on RTR92.1FM – 27 April episode features an interview with film-maker David Bradbury on his documentary ‘Remembering the Frontier Wars’ as well as a discussion about Anzac Day, 4 May episode covered the Melbourne protests against the closure of Indigenous communities.

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Question Time – Prime Minister Tony Abbott on Domestic Violence in Australia, Jerry MaguireShow Me the Money!’, Waleed Aly grills Turnbull over domestic violence funding, Lisa Wilkinson questions the amount of money given to domestic violence in the budget, Sara BareillesKing of Anything’, The ProjectWaleed Aly says Show Me The Money to end Domestic Violence’, Interview with Jessica Ellen – part 1, jessicaellen#ShowMeTheMoney: Life After Family Violence’, Star Fucking HipstersThis Wal-Mart Life’, Interview with Jessica Ellen – part 2, HaimFalling’.

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