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We discuss the powerful documentary The Final Quarter which covers the racism that AFL footballer Adam Goodes received at the end of his career. You can watch this documentary here.

Further sources relevant to this documentary and the treatment of Adam Goodes:

  • Professor Tim Soutphommasane: ‘Racism is the cause of division, anti-racism is what we need to combat it’ – analysis of The Final Quarter (video).
  • GO Foundation: Adam Goodes and Mick O’Loughlin started GO to give Indigenous students a better future through education.

We also discuss Waleed Aly’s article ‘Trump’s racist tweets have parallels to the abuse of Adam Goodes’; the talk ‘White Fragility’ by Robin DiAngelo; Miranda Tapsell and Nakkiah Lui on Series 2, Episode 8 of Get Krack!n; and studies showing widespread bias based on race (US, Australia) and gender.


Treaty ’18 ft Baker Boy – Yothu Yindi & Gavin Campbell, Aamer Rahman ‘Adam Goodes’, The Final Quarter ‘Waleed Aly reacts’, Plasmo ‘Episode 10: Balance in the Universe’, Warumpi Band ‘Black Fella White Fella’, Guardian News ‘US house condemns Trump over racist comments’, Treaty ’18 ft Baker Boy – Yothu Yindi & Gavin Campbell.

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Andrew Bolt reacts to Adam Goodes.

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We’re back and once again we take aim at a nationalistic celebration – this time we set our sights on Anzac Day – a day where Australians celebrate soldiers running into machine gun fire for the sake of Western imperialism. To help us move beyond the simplistic slogans we hear around Anzac Day, Ederm Koc joins us. He is a journalist and journalism lecturer at La Trobe Uni, as well as editor of Upstart Magazine. We encourage people to read his great article on Anzac Day, ‘Anzac Debate Marches Down Wrong Track’. We also discuss conservative politician Steve Irons’ pamphlet on Anzac Day, Ruby Murray’s article ‘The false nationalism of Anzac Day and football’, Indigenous Australians being excluded in discussions about war, militarism and sport, neoliberalism and “corporate wars”, anti-war activism, the documentary The Weather Underground, and 10 Excellent Reasons Not to Join the Military.

We also cover minimalism and sustainability, good news for abortion rights in France, Derren Brown’s psychology, the death of former UK Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher and Chumbawamba’s CD, as well as comments from Billy Bragg and Australian human rights lawyer Geoffrey Robertson on Thatcher’s death.

Book Recommendations

1984 by George Orwell and An Ordinary Persons Guide to Empire by Arundhati Roy.


Gallipoli, Propagandhi ‘Bullshit Politicians’, South Park movie, Blackadder ‘Series 4’, Bill Hicks ‘Polls‘, Bill Hicks ‘Gays in the Military’, Nick Pendergrast interviews Erdem Koc on Perth Indymedia on RTR 92.1FM (1st April 2013 episode), Propagandhi ‘Dear Coaches Corner’, CNNNN, Rap News ’Big Brother is WWWatching You’, Austin PowersVegan SmythePreachy Vegan Dogs’, Scrubs ‘Series 5, Episode 16’, Billy Bragg on Margaret Thatcher – on Democracy Now!, Warsaw Pact ‘We Conquer’, Rise Against ‘State of the Union’, Naomi WolfFake Activism’, System of a Down ‘B.Y.O.B.’.