Episode 88: More Godless Goodness – Kim Socha on Atheism, Sexism and Islam

Posted: March 4, 2015 in Uncategorized
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The above cartoon is by Malcolm Evans, http://www.evanscartoons.com/

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Once again Nick is joined by Kim Socha, who is an English professor, grassroots animal liberation activist and author. We discuss sexism in the atheist movement and efforts to challenge it, Rebecca Watson and “ElevatorGate”, focusing on sexism in the West and not just pointing the finger elsewhere, the satirical article ‘Not Without Her Make-Up’, Leila Ahmed on the veil, and criticising discriminatory elements of Islam, while being considerate of the broader context of Western imperialism and Islamophobia – as reflected in attacks such as the Chapel Hill shooting. You can hear more from Kim on episode 87 and we also recommend you listen to her being interviewed on Freedom of Species.

Also covered on the episode is: the 100 year anniversary of Anzac Day, challenging transphobia, the article ‘In Search of Liberal Purity’, Queer Punx Podcast on the importance of trigger warnings and consent, the deadline for papers for the ICAS Oceania conference has been extended, and Nick’s articles ‘Gluten Free Funds Terrorism!!!!’ and ‘When Will Moderate Whites Condemn the NAACP Bombing?’. We also encourage people to check out Which Side podcast, which Nick will be on soon.

This episode is brought to you by “Atheist Angelo”. You can check out his cartoons, which are critical of religion and xenophobia, here. He also recommends people check out talks on transgender murders and sexism in the atheist community – from Skepticon 7. Thanks a lot to Angelo for becoming a member of our show – you can become a member and sponsor an episode too.


No DoubtJust a Girl’, Nick and Kim Socha on sexism in the atheist movement, Against Me! ‘FuckMyLife666’ (acoustic), Mad as Hell ‘Series 5, Episode 3’, Nick and Kim Socha on atheism and Islam, Frank TurnerGlory Hallelujah’.

You can listen to a short (9 minute) version of this episode, which features a shortened version of Nick’s discussion with Kim Socha on atheism, Islam and sexism, below. You can subscribe to these short versions of our episodes through Omny.

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