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On this one Nick is joined by Dan (@verydangry) from Anarchist Affinity for the entire episode. We discuss a range of issues, including: the police, our visit to Villawood Refugee Detention Centre with Dan (you can read Nick’s article about this, published on the ABC here), austerity in Europe and Australia, apparently we’re all middle class in Australia (despite the evidence!), how the post-World War Two “glory years” weren’t glorious for everyone, “white labourism” compared to the Industrial Workers of the World (IWW), the Aboriginal Tent Embassy at The Block in Redfern, Obama’s new policy to get around child trafficking laws, basic income, challenging ideas about “good” and “bad” asylum seekers, and activism for refugees.

Dan recommends people check out David Graeber’s articles ‘Are You An Anarchist? The Answer May Surprise You!’ and ‘On the Phenomenon of Bullshit Jobs’, Selma James’s book ‘Sex, Race and Class’, Melbourne Anarchist Bookfair, Black Swan, the Melbourne Street Medic Collective, and Novara Media podcast.

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Michael Parenti speaking on Choking Victim ‘Money’, Mischief BrewThanks Bastards’, Dead Prez ‘Police State’ featuring Chairman Omali Yeshitela, Propagandhi ‘Fuck the Border’.

You can listen to a short (6 minute) version of this episode, where we argue for an internationalist approach to unionism that advocates for ALL workers – rather than a nationalistic focus of “local jobs first”, here: Workers of the World Unite vs White Labourism. You can subscribe to these short versions of our episodes through Omny.

From left to right: Jess Ison, Lara Drew and Dr Colin Salter – they were all part of the organising committee for the 2014 ICAS conference.**

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In this episode we do a recap of the Institute for Critical Animal Studies Oceania (ICAS) 2014 conference: Critical Animal Studies in the Asia-Pacific. We are joined by ICAS Rep Jess Ison, who tells us what ICAS is all about, including bringing about change for non-human animals, an intersectional focus, anarchism, collective decision-making and safe spaces. We’re also joined by Stevie from Team Earthling podcast aka “Steve Earthling”.

Throughout the episode we play Jess’s talk/rant on Animals Australia’s ‘No Way to Treat a Lady’ campaign and we also play Javed’s introduction to the ‘Class, Race and Veganism’ workshop. We encourage people to check out the group, who Javed mentioned during the conference.

We discuss a bunch of talks from the conference, including: our talk ‘Intersectionality in Practice’ (you can listen to this talk here and view the powerpoint presentation for it here – we also played this talk on episode 93); Nick’s talk ‘Live Animal Export, Humane Slaughter and Media Hegemony’ (you can listen to this talk here and view the powerpoint presentation for it here – it was also played on Team Earthling and Freedom of Species); Sam Cadman’s talk ‘Who’s a pretty boy, then: on unreliable narrators and listening to other animals’; ‘Critically questioning the Environmental Sustainability of Diet as a Framework for Encouraging ‘Counter Thought’ ’ by Angela Ragusa and Andrea Crampton; ‘Sustainability and Animal Protection: How do they intersect, where do they collide?’ by Iris Bergman; ‘Greenpeace, Sea Shepherd and Civil Disobedience on the High Seas’ by Siobhan O’Sullivan, Clare McCausland and Scott Brenton; ‘Technology for Change: Video Cameras, Video Games, and Virtual Reality’ by Gonzalo Villanueva; ‘Bodies, Beats and Bashing: History Telling of Homophobic Violence’ by Curtis Redd; and ‘Should the Australian Association of Social Workers (AASW) Revise their Code of Ethics to Include Non-Human Animals?‘ by Kathryn Joy.

You can hear more from Jess on Freedom of Species podcast, including her interview with ICAS co-founder Anthony Nocella. Check out Team Earthling for heaps more on the conference – we particularly recommend people check out our crossover episode with Team Earthling, where we reflect on the ICAS conference, as well as discussing a wide range of other issues including: activism approaches, non-violence, body shaming, gendered bathrooms, and teabagging. You can listen to our recap of last year’s ICAS Oceania conference on our 32nd episode.

This episode is brought to you by Taylor (the Sailor?). You can hear Taylor’s talk from the ICAS conference ‘You Should(n’t) Be Ashamed’, which opposes body shaming, on episode 119 of Team Earthling. Thanks a lot to Taylor for becoming a member of our show – you can become a member and sponsor an episode too!


Chokehold ‘Burning Bridges’, Jess Ison’s talk on Animals Australia’s ‘No Way to Treat a Lady’ campaign, Javed’s introduction to the ‘Class, Race and Veganism’ workshop, Good Riddance ‘Waste’, Sam Cadman ‘Who’s a pretty boy, then: on unreliable narrators and listening to other animals’, Fresh Meat ‘Series 2, Episode 8’.

More Talks that were Recorded at the Conference:

We’ll upload links to the audio for a bunch more talks from the conference here soon!

If any of the speakers would like any changes to the way you or your talk is described, or would like any edits to the audio of your talk, or would like to send us your powerpoint so we can link to it, please contact us.

*Thanks to Alix for this title!

**The photo is thanks to Pádraig Dubhthaigh and Aaron Daniel Scheibner – you can see more of their photos from the conference here.

You can listen to a short (10 minute) version of this episode, where Jess, Stevie and us discuss some of our favourite talks from the conference, here: Let’s Get Critical! ICAS 2014You can subscribe to these short versions of our episodes through Omny.

You can find out more about Profits of Doom and buy it here.

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In this episode, which marks two years of our podcast, we bring you some of the event What Next for the Australian Left? featuring Antony Loewenstein and Scott Ludlam. @antloewenstein is a Sydney-based independent freelance journalist, author, documentarian, photographer and blogger. @SenatorLudlam is a Greens Senator in Western Australia (for now at least – you can find out the latest on the WA Senate recount here). At this event, Loewenstein discussed issues like insiders and outsiders in the media, the privatisation of refugee detention centres, activism against privatisation, changing the language in the media and academics. Ludlam discussed capitalism as cancer, the media’s role in Abbott’s victory and the importance of activism beyond parliament. You can watch this whole event on Youtube here.

Beyond this event we also talk about some of our finds from the street, including a lamp and Katie living the dream and getting an iMac without giving any money to Apple! For those looking for free stuff in Melbourne, check out Give Away Free Stuff in Melbourne. We discuss Russell Brand’s viral interview, feminist critiquesBrand checks himself and voting. For those wanting to look further into the issue of privilege, check out The Angry Hippie’s podcast. We promote a video on the #tunnelpicket campaign and read out an update on this campaign from Melbourne Street Medic Collective. Also covered is our vegan outreach at the National Day of Climate Action and the progress on the Coalition repealing the carbon tax. To find out about the environmental impact of animal products check out and our 11th episode. For more on the carbon tax, including critiques from Friends of the Earth, listen to our 5th episode. We promote the 104th episode of Team Earthling, which has a great talk from Naty on building bridges between different progressive social movements. We encourage people to share Nick’s meme ‘Budgie smugglers are a bigger threat than people smugglers’. The episode finishes with a discussion on Israel, including Katie’s experiences of being at the UN for Israel’s Universal Periodic Review, Treaty on the Non-Proliferation of Nuclear Weapons and racism in Israel. For more on Israel/Palestine, check out Loewenstein on Left and Correct podcast (14/12/2012 episode), Queer Punx podcast and our 16th episode.

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Movie Recommendation:

The Hunger Games – Catching Fire.

Book Recommendations:

Loewenstein: 1984, The Shock Doctrine, Heroes.

Ludlam: Rich People Things, Secret Country, The Art of War, Neuromancer, Now We Are Six.


Promoe ‘Dog Day Afternoon’, The IT Crowd (series 4, episode 4), What Next for the Australian Left?, Austin Powers, The Adventures of Lano and Woodley (series 1, episode 1), Peep Show (Series 4, episode 5), Lagwagon from the album ‘Live in a Dive’, What Next for the Australian Left?, Lowkey ‘Soundtrack to the Struggle’, What Next for the Australian Left?, Lowkey ‘Alphabet Assassin’, Lowkey ‘Long Live Palestine’, Lowkey ‘Terrorist?’, The Chaser’s War on Everything (Series 2, Episode 14), SoleI Think I’m Noam Chomsky’.

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This episode is all about activism against the Abbott government as well as activism more generally. We have an interview with Andrew Kelly on the #tunnelpicket protest movement against a new road development in Melbourne that will destroy communities and privilege road travel over public transport. You can find out more about this campaign and how to get involved through the website and The ‘No East-West Tunnel’ Pledge Facebook page. You can find out more about the issue of sustainable transport on our 25th episode. We also have an interview with Helen Cox from Plan to Thrive on sustainable activism, avoiding activist burnout, recovering from an Abbott victory, the importance of activists building support networks and community care.

Beyond the interviews, we discuss the importance of unionism in resisting Abbott’s attacks against workers, Nick’s meme ‘Oskar Schindler was a People Smuggler’, pro-refugee graffiti, the refugee rally ‘Stop Abbott Not the Boats’ (thanks to Left and Correct podcast) and B’s run to raise money for the Asylum Seeker Resource Centre. We also cover some environmental and animal rights news and activism. We discuss calls for repressive new laws targeting animal activists in Australia, Luc’s meme on “eco terrorism”, the new Climate Council, dog fighting in Aotearoa, linking opposition to dog fighting to other forms of animal oppression, Banksy’s animal-themed display, Animal Liberation Victoria’s ‘Animals Are Not Ours’ silent demonstration, Katie’s animal activism in Geneva, saddest slaughterhouse video ever shows no blood or slaughter, Team Earthling’s 100th episode,, Veganomicon cookbook, and living healthy and vegan while on a low income. Other stuff covered on the episode was: the Ozpodcast Directory, Phonebloks by @davehakkens, Reclaim the Night, consent, stereotypical activists, Palmer United and the Australian Motorists Enthusiasts party form an alliance in the Senate, possums fight back against Abbott, the upcoming event in Perth ‘What’s Next for the Australian Left?’ and the Profits of Doom documentary. Once again we discuss ‘What’s Grinding Our Gears This Week’ – this time it’s the Abbott government’s cuts to Centrelink (the Australian government’s welfare agency).

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Tenacious D ‘The Government Totally Sucks’, Family Guy, Tim MinchinFuck the Poor’, The Lawrence ArmsDrunk Mouth Kitchen Smile’, The Simpsons ‘Protest Song’, The Castle, Left and Correct podcastStop Abbott Not the Boats’, Interview with Andrew Kelly, Anti-Flag ‘Underground Network’, Tiki Taane and Paw JusticeEnough is Enough’, Root of all Evil?, Sweeney Todd ‘A Little Priest’, Austin PowersPeep Show (Series 1, episode 4), Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows – part two, Interview with Helen Cox, Catherine Snedden ‘Tony Abbott Blurred Lines’.

The image above is from Stop the Arms Fair

This episode has been released in two parts. You can listen to both parts of this episode and subscribe to our podcast on iTunes here and you can also listen to both parts on Cyber Ears here. You can also download part 1 on here (58MB) and part 2 on Media Fire here (49MB).

On part one of this episode we are joined by Kirsten Bayes from Stop the Arms Fair! who discusses Occupy vs the Arms Fair (September 8th in London), Australians stopping arms fairs, how you can take action against arms dealers regardless of where in the world you live, queer issues and arms dealers, and animals and war. We also introduce the new segment ‘What you HAVE learnt from Adbusters this week’, discussing issue 109 which has articles on planned obsolescence and riding bikes. In this segment we talk about Jeremy’s finds from the streetbike traffic jams in London, and gender and cycling, drawing on an article by Stevie from Team Earthling and a Critical Transit episode. We also talk about sex toys and light globes (which is more exciting?) and the importance of reading.

We finish part two of the episode by discussing the role of soldiers in war, drawing on the book 10 Excellent Reasons Not to Join the Military. Before this, we take an in-depth look into Chelsea Manning’s (formerly Bradley Manning) coming out as trans and imprisonment. In this discussion we cover using the correct pronouns to refer to her, Andrew Bolt being an asshole, writing letters to Chelsea, being trans in prison, how to be a trans ally, a great flyer on combating hate crimes from Camden LGBT Forum and staying safe without police.

Other topics covered in part two of the episode include: Silent Raging blog and podcast, visiting the Ecuadorian embassy where Assange is, Glenn Greenwald’s partner David Miranda detained to intimidate journalists, the Propaganda exhibition in London, The Book of Mormon, Eric McElroy’s comedy, Australia has committed 143 violations of international law, refugee rights rallies in Melbourne and elsewhere around Australia, the book Walden Two, vegan restaurants in London – including Loving Hut Camden, Manna Cuisine and 222 Veggie Vegan – see Happy Cow to find vegan and vegan-friendly restaurants all around the world – anything can be vegan!

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Book Recommendation:

Addicted to War by Joel Andreas.

Clips (part 1):

Lowkey ‘Hand on your Gun’, Sweeney Todd ‘There’s No Place Like London’, Lowkey ‘Dear England’, Lowkey ‘My Soul’, The Story of Stuff (Consumption), Foeknawledge ‘Knowledge is Key’, Our interview with Kirsten Bayes from Stop the Arms Fair!, Britney Spears ‘Oops I did it Again’, Rise Against ‘Hero of War’.

Clips (part 2):

Jeffery Lewis ‘Big A, Little A’, Austin PowersTrue Blood, Happy Birthday in teo reo – thanks to “the usual Jon”, Flight of the Conchords ‘Season 1’, Morrisey on Jonathan Ross, That Mitchell and Webb Sound – Series 3 ‘Anything can be Music’, ‘Anything can be Vegan’, True Blood ‘Season 1, Episode 2’, Lowkey ‘Skit 6’ – speech by Mike PrysnerAnti-Flag ‘You’ve got to Die for the Government’.

The image above is from The Disorder of Things. *Shamelessly stolen from the awesome Rap News.

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This episode is all about Bradley Manning, Julian Assange and Wikileaks. We start off the episode by discussing Bradley Manning’s trial, drawing on the Guardian and We point out that there have been no deaths due to Manning’s leaks, yet Manning faces a long time in prison, even though those whose crimes he exposed face no charges. We then discuss Wikileaks more generally, analysing the documentary We Steal Secrets, drawing on a review of the documentary by Chris Hedges and corrections on the movie from Wikileaks – these corrections also dispute Nick Davies account of the allegations against Assange.

We also discuss Edward Snowden being granted asylum in Russia, the Conversation’s election fact checker including Bob Carr’s incorrect claim that asylum seekers make up 20% of Australia’s immigration program, the media and others demonising oppressed groups, fighting against all forms of oppression, Vegan Pedicab and Critical Transit podcasts, Australia’s repressive policies towards those coming here by boat harm queer people specifically, as was pointed out by Amnesty International and also at a rally in Melbourne, silence over Manning’s imprisonment from some big gay rights groups but Manning is runner-up as the 2013 San Francisco Gay Pride Grand Marshall.

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The Colbert ReportBradley Manning’, Rap News ‘Episode XIII: A News Hope’, Jamie KilsteinDear Army’, CNNNN ‘Series 2, Episode 4’, We Steal Secrets, Lowkey ‘Skit 1’ – speech by Rev. Jeremiah A. Wright, Jr, John Pilger interviewed on ABC Radio, Austin PowersTrue BloodJello BiafraGo Down on me Moses’, Vegan Pedicab podcast ‘Episode 5’, Sound Scene Revolution ‘Interview with Leftover Crack’, Charlie the Super Dog, Peep Show (Series 4, episode 3), The Stic ‘Healthy Living’, Lowkey ‘Hand on your Gun’, Lowkey ‘Million Man March’.

The image above is from Sarah Ross. *The title refers to our #SuperDogForRefugees, who you can see at the refugee rights rally in Perth here.

You can listen to this episode on MediaFire here (39MB).

With “snap protests” called all around Australia to take a stand against the Rudd Labor government’s disgraceful new policies towards people coming to Australia by boat, we thought we’d do a “snap podcast” for the same reason. We discuss these new policies, which mean people coming to Australia by boat have no chance of being settled in Australia, and the way in which Rudd has spoken out against this kind of crap in the past. We critique these new policies with the help of a great article by lawyer Julian Burnside and The Human Rights Law Centre. Now asylum seekers arriving in Australia by boat who are found to be “genuine refugees” will be settled in Papua New Guinea. While Rudd tries to paint Papua New Guinea as some kind of paradise, The Guardian and even the Australian government themselves say otherwise. We also discuss the importance of striving to change Australian attitudes on asylum seekers and for true globalisation – the free movement of people around the world. While Rudd’s policies are horrible, it has been great to see protests against this all around Australia, including in Sydney, Melbourne, Townsville and Perth. We bring you some of the speeches from the Perth protest, including Sam Wainwright from the Socialist Alliance (you can see a video of his speech here), Jess McLeod – President of the Curtin University student guild and Victoria Martin-Iverson from the Refugee Rights Action Network. You can see all of our photos from this rally here.

We also have a return of the segment ‘What you HAVEN’T learnt from the media this week’, discussing the media blackout on the Bradley Manning trial and him being accused of “aiding the enemy”. Other topics covered on the episode are: You can now become a member of Progressive Podcast Australia, Tony Abbott apparently doesn’t believe in invisible things, Australia’s peak health body finally recognises that a vegan diet is healthy for all Australians, veganism is more than just a diet, intersectionality in cartoon form, intersectionality and feminism, and intersectionality and “Steve and Lucie’s” Team Earthling animal rights podcast.

Alternative Media:


NineMSN ‘Rudd Says No Boat People will be Resettled in Australia’, Propagandhi ‘Cut Into the Earth’, Billy Bragg ‘NPWA’, The Whitest Kids U’ KnowSuper Dog’, Speakers and chants from the Refugee Rights Rally in Perth, Rap News ‘Episode XIII: A News Hope’, Austin PowersCNNNN ‘Series 2, Episode 6’, True Blood, Peep Show (Series 1, episode 6), CNNNN ‘Series 1, Episode 1’, Propagandhi ‘Nailing Descartes to the Wall/Liquid Meat is still Murder’, True Blood ‘Series 3, Episode 12’, Lowkey ‘We Will Rise’.