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In this episode we give an introduction to the Israel/Palestine conflict, looking at what’s going on right now as well as giving a broader historical perspective. To help us discuss these issues, we are joined by the co-convenors of Friends of Palestine Western Australia, Sarah Haynes and Alex Whisson. Some of the specific topics we cover are: the maps showing Palestinian loss of land, John Pilger’s great documentary ‘Palestine is still the Issue’, Rachel Corrie, Big Brother series one contestant Sara-Marie Fedele’s attempt to solve the conflict, comparisons between Israel and Apartheid South Africa, the boycotts divestment and sanctions (BDS) movement in Australia and beyond, as well as a rally in Perth for Gaza (look online for a rally near you). We also have a return of the segment ‘What you HAVEN’T learnt from the media this week’, with a focus on Israel/Palestine. Beyond this topic, we also cover sustainable transport and Hurricane Sandy, Transgender Awareness Week and Australia’s only active street medic collective: Melbourne FACT.

Alternative Media:

Activist Radio.


Jamaica Plain ‘I Won’t Run’, Interview with Sarah Haynes on Perth Indymedia on RTR 92.1FM – with Nick Pendergrast and Karun Cowper, Alex Whisson from Perth Indymedia on RTR 92.1FM19th November 2012 episode, Billy Bragg ‘The Lonesome Death of Rachel Corrie’, CNNNN ‘Season 1, Episode 5’, Peep Show (series 1, episode 4), John Safran vs GodEpisode 6’, LowkeyLong Live Palestine’.

*The title of this episode was taken from the Lowkey song with this name, which we play on the show. You can watch the film clip for this song here.

  1. […] Beyond this event we also talk about some of our finds from the street, including a lamp and Katie living the dream and getting an iMac without giving any money to Apple! For those looking for free stuff in Melbourne, check out Give Away Free Stuff in Melbourne. We discuss Russell Brand’s viral interview, feminist critiques, Brand checks himself and voting. For those wanting to look further into the issue of privilege, check out The Angry Hippie’s podcast. We promote a video on the #tunnelpicket campaign and read out an update on this campaign from Melbourne Street Medic Collective. Also covered is our vegan outreach at the National Day of Climate Action and the progress on the Coalition repealing the carbon tax. To find out about the environmental impact of animal products check out and our 11th episode. For more on the carbon tax, including critiques from Friends of the Earth, listen to our 5th episode. We promote the 104th episode of Team Earthling, which has a great talk from Naty on building bridges between different progressive social movements. We encourage people to share Nick’s meme ‘Budgie smugglers are a bigger threat than people smugglers’. The episode finishes with a discussion on Israel, including Katie’s experiences of being at the UN for Israel’s Universal Periodic Review, Treaty on the Non-Proliferation of Nuclear Weapons and racism in Israel. For more on Israel/Palestine, check out Loewenstein on Left and Correct podcast (14/12/2012 episode), Queer Punx podcast and our 16th episode. […]

  2. […] Intafada for more information on Israel/Palestine. You can also listen to our 16th episode Long Live Palestine, where we gave an introduction to the conflict. We’re only two members away from 30 members. If […]

  3. […] together, but that wouldn’t change the facts of Palestinian loss of land (have you seen the maps?), living under Occupation including random restrictions on essential products, and Palestinians as […]

  4. […] be speaking about here. You can also listen to our previous episodes on this issue – episodes 16, 62 and 63 and read Nick’s article ‘A Response to Sam Harris Blaming Muslims for the […]

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