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We’re joined by Malou Logan, vice chairperson of Gabriela Australia, who discusses the campaign to free Mary Jane Veloso. Veloso is a Filipina worker who was arrested and sentenced to death for allegedly smuggling heroin into Indonesia. She has been in Indonesian prison since 2010 and has recently had her execution delayed. Logan makes the case that 5 years in prison is more than enough punishment for Veloso.

We also discuss the article ‘7 Things People Who Say They’re Fiscally Conservative But Socially Liberal Don’t Understand’ by Greta Christina, welfare and anarchism, and thank Will Potter for promoting our show on his site


Image from (full link given below).

We finish the episode by going through some listener feedback on episode 97 and making the case for the legalisation of all recreational drugs, considering illegal drugs kill less people (see pic above) and are less harmful (see pic below) than alcohol.


Image from (full link given above).

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System of a DownPrison Song’, Interview with Malou Logan, Austin Powers, PropagandhiAnd We Thought Nation States Were a Bad Idea’, Bill HicksDrugs Are Bad’ and ‘Religion / Drugs’, David DonderoNew Berlin Wall’.

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