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Look after this bear

This is our meme – in the notes below we’ve provided links to share it around on Facebook and Twitter.

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On this episode we discuss themes of refugee rights and animal rights in the Paddington movie. We discuss the article ‘Why the new Paddington movie is really an asylum seeker story’, read a review of the movie from an immigration lawyer, as well as promoting the Free Paddington Facebook page by the Refugee Rights Action Network (RRAN) and the #FreePaddington hashtag. In our discussion on Paddington and animal rights, we encouraged people to watch the video ‘Death Row’, which shows the fear animals face before they are slaughtered, in a non-graphic way.

We have done a few memes relating to the movie, which we encourage people to share around. You can share around our meme on Paddington and refugees (pictured above) on Facebook and Twitter. We also saw a great pro-migrant Paddington meme, which we encourage people to share on Facebook and Twitter. You can also share our meme on the Paddington movie and adopting companion animals on Facebook and Twitter.

We start off the episode by discussing the horrible new laws regarding asylum seekers that our government has introduced (yet again!). For analysis of these laws, check out the Guardian, New Matilda and ChilOut. We also mention the opposition to the new laws from Jacqui Lambie and other Senators.

Other stuff covered is: getting active for refugees, incrementally moving towards a borderless world, Karl Stefanovic becomes a ‘social justice warrior’ and takes down Abbott, the campaign against the East-West Link is successful, and the true meaning of the Washington Redskins.

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