Episode 116: It’s a Baby! Gender-Neutral Parenting (Baby as a Gender) – No “Commando Dad’s” Here

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This episode features a continuation of the discussion on progressive parenting from episode 115, featuring Katie, Luc and Stevie from Team Earthling animal rights podcast, and B. This part of the discussion covers: gender-neutral parenting, gender-neutral pro-nouns and “proper” English, as well as Trans and intersex issues. Please support B’s run for Aboriginal kids and check out Luc’s blog howdoidad.wordpress.com.


Image from: queerguesscode.wordpress.com

Other stuff covered on the episode is: fish, dolphins and speciesism, Myq Kaplan and Charlie Stern covering gender and masculinity on Hang Out With Me podcast, Curtis Redd’s talk ‘Transgender Bodies And The (in)human(e)’ from the recent ICAS Oceania conference – you can find links to audio of all of the talks from this conference in the show notes for our 108th episode.

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Luc’s welcome to Progressive Podcast Australia, 10,000 ManiacsYou Happy Puppet’, part 1 of parenting discussion, Not right ‘Balls’, part 2 of parenting discussion, Against Me!Black Me Out’.

You can listen to a short (9 minute) version of this episode, which features a shortened version of the discussion on gender-neutral parenting, below. You can subscribe to these short versions of our episodes through Omny.

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