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The yes announcement in Sydney. Pic from

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On this episode we discuss the Australian public voting yes to same-sex marriage in the recent postal vote. We play a talk from the yes announcement event in Melbourne, by someone from the union movement. You can listen to our recording of more of the talks from this event here.

We also analyse the high no vote in Western Sydney, drawing on a Facebook post from Carrie Hou.

We also discuss some critiques of the yes campaign and of same-sex marriage in general from within the queer movement. For more on this, check out the articles ‘Marriage equality: yes, it’s about gender’ by Amy Thomas and Hannah McCann and ‘Queers against gay marriage: What to do in this postal vote?’ by Jess Ison. We also did a whole episode (#55) on this topic featuring Jess Ison and returned to this topic with Jess at the end of episode 135.

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We’re not sure if Australia should get too much credit for being a country where only about 6 in 10 people are not blatantly homophobic! Image from


Pop BlastSydney, Australia Reacts To Gay Marriage “YES” Ruling’, Talk from the yes announcement event in Melbourne by someone from the union movement, The FeedQuick History of Same sex marriage’, Myq Kaplan ‘Tolerance and Vampires’ – from the album ‘Vegan Mind Meld’, OnsindHeterosexuality is a social construct’.


Us at the end of our commitment ceremony – on our way to the reception.

You can listen to this episode above and subscribe to our podcast on iTunes. You can also listen to this episode on StitcherCyber Ears or download it on (79mins, 62MB).

This is our 100th episode special and we discuss our commitment ceremony and the way it incorporated our political beliefs. This includes our anarchist, atheist, pro-queer, pro-feminist, vegan and level 5 (or 6) straight edge (drug free) ideologies. For more on why we reject marriage, check out our discussion below – taken from episode 28:

The episode features a return of the segment ‘When Karl Pilkington Makes Sense’ – this time it is on overseas weddings. We also discuss our wedsite (password: seashells), some of the wedding traditions we threw out the window, our commitment rings (Katie’s, Nick’s), and we play our entire commitment ceremony as well as voicemail from “the usual Jon” on why he doesn’t want a marriage OR a commitment ceremony. You can view some pictures from our ceremony here. See Offbeat Bride for more on alternative weddings/commitment ceremonies.

*A video of our commitment ceremony is coming soon.

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Nick’s dad’s speech at our commitment ceremony reception, The Sex PistolsMy Way’, Fresh Meat ‘Series 3, Episode 2’, Ricky Gervais podcast, The Moaning of Life ‘Episode 1’, Bill Hicks ‘Alcohol is a Drug’, CollegeHumorWhy Engagement Rings Are A Scam’, Dashboard ConfessionalStolen’, Our commitment ceremony, Counting Crows ‘Accidentally in Love’, Jamie KilsteinSoulmates’, Father of the Bride, Voicemail from “the usual Jon”, Social DistortionFaithless’.

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This time we’re joined by Jess Ison, editor of the soon-to-be released book To the Exclusion Of All Others: Queers Questioning Gay Marriage. We’re also joined by Stevie from Team Earthling. Jess discusses the book and how she came to this position of being pro-queer but anti-same sex (and other) marriage. This includes some groups being left out of the same-sex marriage campaign, such as trans people. Brazil and Mexico both have same-sex marriage but have the most reported killings of trans people. Similarly, England and Wales have same-sex marriage and have seen a drop in homophobic crime but a rise in transphobic crime. We also discuss: the relationship between cops and queer people, the widespread support for same-sex marriage in the queer community but the growing critique from within the queer movement, Julia Gillard’s new position on same-sex marriage now she’s out of office, and the article ‘Marriage Will Never Set Us Free’ by Dean Spade & Craig Willse. We also bring you more from the ICAS conference – we play some of Curtis Redd’s talk ‘Bodies, Beats and Bashing: History Telling of Homophobic Violence’. This talk critiques the This Is Oz campaign and also makes some links between the oppression of queer people and non-human animals. You can listen to this entire talk with a Q and A with Curtis and Jess here.

You can join the Facebook group To the Exclusion of all Others and/or follow @ToTheExclusion on Twitter to be notified when the book is out. You can find more from Jess at If you want to hear more about the ICAS conference, check out our crossover episode with Team Earthling: Bonus episode – Team Earthling and Progressive Podcast Australia ICAS Reflection. If you’d like to hear our views on marriage, check out our 28th episode: Beyond Same-Sex Marriage.

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Q and A with Curtis Redd and Jess Ison, ‘Tennesse’ by Toby Foster, Julia Gillard on Big Ideas, Curtis Redd ‘Bodies, Beats and Bashing: History Telling of Homophobic Violence’, Daniel Versus the World from Queer Punx Podcast ‘Love Your Rage, Not Your Cage (live)‘, Q and A with Curtis Redd and Jess Ison.

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Image from Ron Paul Delegates.

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We begin this episode by discussing same-sex marriage in Aotearoa (New Zealand), drawing on the article ‘NZ’s Same-Sex Marriage Go-ahead Puts Our Leaders to Shame’ by Steve Dow. We then play our interview with Dani Wright on the way in which even same-sex marriage excludes some people eg intersex people, as well as covering other queer issues beyond same-sex marriage, including homelessness amongst queer youth and trans issues. Dani Wright is Co-ordinator of the Freedom Centre, WA State Director of the National LGBTI Health Alliance and Board Vice-Chair of WA Gay & Lesbian Community Services. We finish the episode by arguing for marriage abolition, drawing on Katie’s article ‘Why I Will Have a Wedding But Not a Marriage’ on Ethical Bride and also the article ‘Why Is There A Law On Marriage?’ by Elle Hardy. Other topics covered include: Offbeat Bride, bisexuality, vegan anti-war Anzac cookies, child soldiers in the UK, neoliberalism in Australia, and an article on vegan cats in the Fremantle Herald (pages 6-7) which features an interview with Nathan Verney on his vegan cat Luna – we interviewed Nathan on this topic on Episode 26.

Book Recommendation:

Getting Bi – Voices of Bisexuals Around the World by Robyn Ochs and Sarah E Rowley.


NZ Parliament Bursts into Maori Song, Maurice Williamson ‘Rainbow Across My Electorate’, Sweeney Todd ‘Ladies and their Sensitivities’, Nick Pendergrast interviews Dani Wright on Perth Indymedia on RTR 92.1FM (22nd April 2013 episode), Foeknawledge ‘Knowledge is Key’, Austin Powers, Bill Hicks ‘Hooligans’, That Mitchell and Webb Sound – Series 3 ‘Friends of Maid Marion’, GoldfingerWalk Away’, Doug StanhopeOn…Marriage, Gay and Otherwise’, Scrubs ‘Season 3’, Against Me! ‘Baby, I’m an Anarchist!’.