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On this show we discuss the extension of COVID-19 restrictions in Victoria, the role of privatisation in the COVID-19 outbreak in aged care, the TV series Shaun Micallef’s On the Sauce and give some audio recommendations.

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Sammy J ‘How to make an aged care home’ (S3 Ep31); Lowkey ‘My Sole’; Ramshackle Glory ‘Song for Next May Day’; Bugzy Malone ‘Walk With Me’; The Lonely Island, Michael Bolton and Mr Fish ‘Incredible Thoughts’; The Good Life ‘October Leaves’.

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Us with comedian Simon Taylor, who MC’d the reception of our commitment ceremony.

You can listen to this episode above and subscribe to our podcast on iTunes. You can also listen to this episode on StitcherCyber Ears or download it on (67mins, 54MB).

Our 200th episode special covers the reception of our commitment ceremony. You can see some photos from the night here. You can also listen to us discussing the ceremony part back on episode 100 – we’ve also added a video of our commitment ceremony to the notes of that episode.

The episode features a return of the segment ‘When Karl Pilkington Makes Sense’ – this time on weddings. We also cover bizarre wedding traditions, regular guest (Mother) Theresa’s wedding – you can read more about her wedding on her blog and Offbeat Bride, Crimethinc podcast on anarcha-feminism and celebrating relationships and Alain De Botton’s book Religion for Atheists.

After our atheist “wedding”, Nick had a religious conversion.

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Charlie the Super Dog got his own introduction to the song below.


Me First and the Gimme GimmesWho Put the Bomp’, Steven Merchant from the stand-up show ‘Hello Ladies’, Crimethinc podcast episode 28, Ricky Gervais podcast, Ricky Gervais Show ‘Season 3, Episode 4’, Portlandia on alternative weddings, Whitest Kids U’ Know ‘Super Dog’, That Mitchell and Webb Look s03e03 ‘Best Man Wedding Speech’, Kool & The GangCelebration’, Nerina PallotGeek Love’.


Us at the end of our commitment ceremony – on our way to the reception.

You can listen to this episode above and subscribe to our podcast on iTunes. You can also listen to this episode on StitcherCyber Ears or download it on (79mins, 62MB).

This is our 100th episode special and we discuss our commitment ceremony and the way it incorporated our political beliefs. This includes our anarchist, atheist, pro-queer, pro-feminist, vegan and level 5 (or 6) straight edge (drug free) ideologies. We cover the reception of this commitment ceremony on episode 200.

The episode features a return of the segment ‘When Karl Pilkington Makes Sense’ – this time it is on overseas weddings. We also discuss our wedsite (password: seashells), some of the wedding traditions we threw out the window, our commitment rings (Katie’s, Nick’s), and a voicemail from “the usual Jon” on why he doesn’t want a marriage OR a commitment ceremony. You can view some pictures from our ceremony here. See Offbeat Bride for more on alternative weddings/commitment ceremonies.

For more on why we reject marriage, check out our discussion below – taken from episode 28:

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Nick’s dad’s speech at our commitment ceremony reception, The Sex PistolsMy Way’, Fresh Meat ‘Series 3, Episode 2’, Ricky Gervais podcast, The Moaning of Life ‘Episode 1’, Bill Hicks ‘Alcohol is a Drug’, CollegeHumorWhy Engagement Rings Are A Scam’, Dashboard ConfessionalStolen’, Our commitment ceremony, Counting Crows ‘Accidentally in Love’, Jamie KilsteinSoulmates’, Father of the Bride, Voicemail from “the usual Jon”, Social DistortionFaithless’.

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