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The yes announcement in Sydney. Pic from

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On this episode we discuss the Australian public voting yes to same-sex marriage in the recent postal vote. We play a talk from the yes announcement event in Melbourne, by someone from the union movement. You can listen to our recording of more of the talks from this event here.

We also analyse the high no vote in Western Sydney, drawing on a Facebook post from Carrie Hou.

We also discuss some critiques of the yes campaign and of same-sex marriage in general from within the queer movement. For more on this, check out the articles ‘Marriage equality: yes, it’s about gender’ by Amy Thomas and Hannah McCann and ‘Queers against gay marriage: What to do in this postal vote?’ by Jess Ison. We also did a whole episode (#55) on this topic featuring Jess Ison and returned to this topic with Jess at the end of episode 135.

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We’re not sure if Australia should get too much credit for being a country where only about 6 in 10 people are not blatantly homophobic! Image from


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