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Look after this bear

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On this episode we discuss themes of refugee rights and animal rights in the Paddington movie. We discuss the article ‘Why the new Paddington movie is really an asylum seeker story’, read a review of the movie from an immigration lawyer, as well as promoting the Free Paddington Facebook page by the Refugee Rights Action Network (RRAN) and the #FreePaddington hashtag. In our discussion on Paddington and animal rights, we encouraged people to watch the video ‘Death Row’, which shows the fear animals face before they are slaughtered, in a non-graphic way.

We have done a few memes relating to the movie, which we encourage people to share around. You can share around our meme on Paddington and refugees (pictured above) on Facebook and Twitter. We also saw a great pro-migrant Paddington meme, which we encourage people to share on Facebook and Twitter. You can also share our meme on the Paddington movie and adopting companion animals on Facebook and Twitter.

We start off the episode by discussing the horrible new laws regarding asylum seekers that our government has introduced (yet again!). For analysis of these laws, check out the Guardian, New Matilda and ChilOut. We also mention the opposition to the new laws from Jacqui Lambie and other Senators.

Other stuff covered is: getting active for refugees, incrementally moving towards a borderless world, Karl Stefanovic becomes a ‘social justice warrior’ and takes down Abbott, the campaign against the East-West Link is successful, and the true meaning of the Washington Redskins.

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Senator Sarah-Hanson YoungThe Immigration Minister is a Sociopath’, The PresetsMy People, Paddington  preview, Legally Brown ‘Series 1, Episode 8’, Austin PowersBBC World ServiceThe True Meaning of the Washington Redskins’, Serj TankianBorders Are…’.

You can listen to a short (7 minute) version of this episode, which features our closing discussion on gradually moving towards the free movement of people around the world, here: Incrementally Moving Towards A Borderless World. You can subscribe to these short versions of our episodes through Omny.



palestine and israel

Image from @JarlathKearney on Twitter: ‘ITN news. In #Gaza, it’s military-grade body armour. In Tel Aviv, it’s a smart evening suit. Says it all really.’

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On this episode we are joined by Naama Blatman-Thomas (a PhD candidate from Israel who has done field work with Palestinian groups in Karmiel) and Mark Thomas (an American activist who has lived in both Israel and Palestine, including spending years in Palestinian refugee camps) for most of this episode. They discuss the recent escalation in Gaza, the Israeli government censoring the fact that the Israeli citizens who were kidnapped were killed right away – in order for anti-Palestinian sentiment to grow, challenge the idea that criticisms of Israel’s human rights abuses are anti-Semitic and cover the broader context behind the recent escalation in Gaza. Also covered on the episode is Tamil refugees being imprisoned on a locked ship while the High Court decides their fate, Amnesty International’s website about Australian government refugee policy, us crashing a government press conference and we introduce the new segment ‘Let’s Talk Hockey’.

You can listen to the second part of the interview with Naama and Mark here: Episode 63: Take Action Against Occupation!. Naama and Mark recommend people check out The Electronic Intafada for more information on Israel/Palestine. You can also listen to our 16th episode Long Live Palestine, where we gave an introduction to the conflict. We’re only two members away from 30 members. If we get to 30 by the 24th of July, we’ll upgrade our account so all of our episodes (including our 16th on Palestine) will be available on iTunes, Stitcher and Cyber Ears – rather than only the most recent 30 or so. You can find out about becoming a member of our show here and you can see the new mics we’ve been able to buy thanks to our members here.


Propagandhi ‘Dear Coaches Corner’, DamOh Gaza – New Year’, Part 1 of our interview with Naama Blatman-Thomas and Mark Thomas, Lowkey ‘Everything I Am’, Our interview with Barnaby Joyce and Tony Abbott, Part 2 of our interview with Naama Blatman-Thomas and Mark Thomas, Suheir HammadGaza’.

You can listen to a short (8 minute) version of this episode, where Naama and Mark discuss the recent escalation in Gaza, here: Gaza Under Siege. You can subscribe to these short versions of our episodes through Omny.

owie pic

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On this one Nick is joined by Dan (@verydangry) from Anarchist Affinity for the entire episode. We discuss a range of issues, including: the police, our visit to Villawood Refugee Detention Centre with Dan (you can read Nick’s article about this, published on the ABC here), austerity in Europe and Australia, apparently we’re all middle class in Australia (despite the evidence!), how the post-World War Two “glory years” weren’t glorious for everyone, “white labourism” compared to the Industrial Workers of the World (IWW), the Aboriginal Tent Embassy at The Block in Redfern, Obama’s new policy to get around child trafficking laws, basic income, challenging ideas about “good” and “bad” asylum seekers, and activism for refugees.

Dan recommends people check out David Graeber’s articles ‘Are You An Anarchist? The Answer May Surprise You!’ and ‘On the Phenomenon of Bullshit Jobs’, Selma James’s book ‘Sex, Race and Class’, Melbourne Anarchist Bookfair, Black Swan, the Melbourne Street Medic Collective, and Novara Media podcast.

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Michael Parenti speaking on Choking Victim ‘Money’, Mischief BrewThanks Bastards’, Dead Prez ‘Police State’ featuring Chairman Omali Yeshitela, Propagandhi ‘Fuck the Border’.

You can listen to a short (6 minute) version of this episode, where we argue for an internationalist approach to unionism that advocates for ALL workers – rather than a nationalistic focus of “local jobs first”, here: Workers of the World Unite vs White Labourism. You can subscribe to these short versions of our episodes through Omny.

The image above is from March in March.

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On this episode we cover the March in March protests, which are expressing a vote of no confidence in the Abbott government. These protests are taking place all around Australia from March the 15th to the 17th. We’re joined by Tim Jones, national co-ordinator of March in March, who discusses why we need these marches, the way they are not tied to a particular political party or other group, how people who weren’t previously politically active are getting involved in the marches, and the importance of getting out from behind computer screens and onto the streets. Tim also recommends that people check out Ted Mack’s Henry Parkes Oration. You can find a March in March near you here. For more critiques of the policies of the Abbott government, you can listen to our 49th episode and our 39th episode.

Before we go to the interview with Tim, we discuss deaths in immigration detention in the UK and Australia, the viral speech from Greens politician Scott Ludlam, “inspiring” stuff from the Courier Mail on the Abbott government, and the Liberal Party continue to lie about asylum seekers being illegal, even though it is them who are breaking the law when it comes to their policies towards asylum seekers. We cover the upcoming federal Senate re-election in Western Australia and Labor not giving their preferences to the Greens, Scott Ludlam speaking out against the TPP agreement, and why we’re voting in this election (see episode 36, part 2 for an in-depth discussion on arguments for and against voting). You can view our Progressive Podcast Australia how to vote for the election here – please let us know if you have any feedback on this (even if you’re not in WA).

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Scott LudlamWelcomes Tony Abbott to WA’, OnsindBA77’, Peep Show ‘Series 1, Episode 4’, Austin PowersThe IT Crowd ‘Series 2, Episode 1’, Interview with Tim Jones on the March in March protests, Logic ft. Lowkey & Renee SoulI Wish’.

*This is a quote from Tim Jones, from the interview.

You can listen to a short (9 minute) version of this episode, which features a shortened version of the interview with Tim Jones, here: Join Us in Marching Against the Abbott Government. You can subscribe to these short versions of our episodes through Omny.

The image above is from Fight the Liberals.

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We’re back with possibly our most sarcastic episode yet, once again taking aim at the new Abbott government. We talk about some of the scary things Abbott has either introduced or wants to introduce, when it comes to: boycotts, asylum seekers and workers. We also cover Abbott’s new cabinet, looking at the gender disparity which is worse than Zoo magazine and Voldemort’s cabinet, Tony Abbott becomes ‘Prime Minster for Woman’ and gets rid of the Ministry for Science and many other Ministers, as well as adding ‘and Border Protection’ to the ‘Minister for Immigration’. Abbott looks set to sign the TPPA, which will have very scary consequences for Australia and many other countries. To find out more about this agreement, listen to our 18th episode and RTRFM Indymedia (9/9/2013 episode).

We also give a farewell to Kevin Rudd, mention that someone is surprised at what Abbott has done so far, (sexist) shit Abbott says, Team Earthling on the proposed boycott laws, The Unconventionist on Syria, B’s Run for Refugees, further discussion on Syria and US global dominance, consumption on steroids, Abbott ignores asylum seeker deaths, Indonesia publishes transcript of meeting with Julie Bishop, Abbott takes control of Liberal Party interviews, and Scott Ludlam is given a recount for the Western Australian Senate after he was behind by only 14 votes after the initial count. The segment ‘What’s Grinding Our Gears’ is back again – this time it’s sleazy drunk guys and the freeway.

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The Thick of it (Series 4, Episode 7), Catatonia ‘The Mother of Misogyny‘, The Chaser ‘In Due Season (Kevin Rudd song)’, The Chaser ‘Season 2, Episode 5’ of The Hamster WheelCNNNNThe Thick of it (Series 3, Episode 5), Jamie Kilstein ‘at the Atheist Convention’, Man on the Moon, The Adventures of Lano and Woodley (series 1, episode 1), The IT Crowd (series 2, episode 5), Lowkey (with Immortal Technique) ‘Voices of the Voiceless’, Choking Victim ‘Fuck America’, Austin PowersMichael Parenti speaking on Choking Victim ‘Money’, RTRFM Indymedia (9/9/2013 episode), Michael MooreThe Awful Truth’, Family Guy, Frank Turner ‘Glory Hallelujah, Newstopia ‘Episode 1’, That Mitchell and Webb Look, Anti-Flag and Donots ‘Protest Song’.

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Image from @KieraGordan. *Thanks to Luc from Team Earthling who we got this term from.

This episode has been released in two parts. You can listen to both parts of the episode and subscribe to our podcast on iTunes here. You can also listen to both parts on Cyber Ears here or download part 1 on MediaFire here (14MB) and part 2 on MediaFire here (24MB). 

We’re here to discuss the Abbottocalypse and though we can’t say the word, we can help you through it. We draw on the article ‘Why an Abbott Election Victory would be Good’ by Andrew P Street to explain some of the positives for the Left in Tony Abbott winning. In part one we recap the Australian federal election, bragging that we called the election result on our 8th episode and discussing the results in the House of Representatives, Adam Bandt from the Greens holds onto his seat in Melbourne but James Diaz loses his, Nova Peris becomes the first Indigenous female in Australia parliament, a record number of “informal” votes, and this would only happen in Australia! We also question whether Abbott will be “a leader for everyone” as he claims – even from his victory speech and him being congratulated by mining companies it’s clear what the party really cares about. We challenge whether he is a leader for Indigenous Australians, people in poor countries whose aid he is cutting or the environment. We also cover the media coverage of the election, including the Murdoch media’s role in Abbott’s victory – with not just one front page calling for an Abbott victory but many, as well as the mainstream media generally leaving out the Greens and discussion on environmental policies. Also covered on part one of this episode was: Malcolm Turnbull has a The Thick Of It incident regarding an internet filter, more on the dodgy “postal voting” scam, and some updates on our 35th episode, which covered Stop the Arms Fair: we encourage people to listen to Kirsten Bayes on In the Sprawl and Al Jazeera and you can see a recap and photos of some of the Stop the Arms Fair actions here.

In part two of the episode, we continue the discussion on the article ‘Why an Abbott Election Victory would be Good’, comparing Street’s predictions of a hostile Senate that will block Abbott’s proposals with the final results. There was some surprising results in the Senate, with minor parties getting in with virtually no primary votes, due to preference deals. As a result, The Greens and others have called for reforms in the Senate voting process. We discuss how Wikileaks did in the Senate, Julian Assange on Rap News being one of the key events of the election (see picture 14), Ecuadorian President Rafael Correa asks Assange to stop making fun of Australian politicians, and Rap News interviewed on mainstream media. Also covered is individuals controlling four different parties in the Senate, and Stevie and ICAS Oceania on the Animal Justice Party’s preferences – you can also read Team Earthling’s statement and listen to their podcast episode on this issue. While The Greens have done very well in the Senate and things look good for their future, Andrew Wilkie has pointed out that the Senate won’t be as hostile to Abbott’s right-wing policies as many of us would have hoped. Even though this is the way it has worked out, there is still the opportunity for social movements to get active to limit the damage cause by the Abbott government. There are so many examples of this already occurring, with vegan activism, refugee rights protests against Abbott and Rudd, and even some satirical protest all happening on election day. We also discuss the event ‘We Need to Talk about Tony’ organised by a broad coalition of leftist groups in Perth, a growing number of protests occurring all around the world (shown visually here), recommendations for alternative media and music,, the human rights program that Katie encourages people to donate to, and we accidentally create the new segment ‘What’s Grinding Our Gears This Week?’ – which this time includes the show Kitchen Cabinet.

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Clips (part one):

9 News ‘Tony Abbott Claims Victory’, The Simpsons shared by, Anti-Flag ‘The Economy is Suffering…Let it Die’, Malitia Army ‘Back in Time Sound Effect’, Progressive Podcast Australia ‘Episode 8’, Back to the FutureTime Travel Sound Effect’, CNNNN ‘Series 2, Episode 1’, Austin PowersSharks with Lasers’, The Thick of it (Series 1, Episode 1), PropagandhiAnd We Thought Nation States Were A Bad Idea’, NotChukkov ‘Tony Abbott – Ladies Man (Ding Dong Song)’ – we also encourage people to watch Leigh Sales pwning Abbott – which is briefly featured in that song we played, Austin Powers, Flight of the Conchords, The Chaser ‘BABY parody – Tony Abbott’.

Clips (part two):

Lowkey ‘Soundtrack to the Struggle’, Knowing Me Knowing You ‘Bald Brummies Are Back!’, Lowkey ‘Terrorist (part two)’, Derren Brown ‘Guess Whom’, The Chaser’s War on Everything ‘Doctor Who’, The Micallef Program ‘Series 2, Episode 5’ – Question Time, Howard Zinn ‘Civil Disobedience’, The Hamster Decides ‘Episode 5’, Katie GoodmanI Didn’t Fuck It Up’.