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Nick is joined by Mark Allen to discuss the Grenfell Tower fire. We discuss the benefits of “red tape” and the dangers of poor quality high-rise buildings, including in Australia. Mark also covered this issue of poor quality high-rise on our show back on episode 127.

There is also a return of the segment ‘Angela Davis ALWAYS Makes Sense’, this time on capitalism, activism and creating new arenas of struggle.

We discuss the fire as a powerful example of the devastating impact of economic inequality, drawing on the following academic articles: ‘World-Economic Trends in the Distribution of Income, 1965-1992’; ‘Inequality: Causes and consequences’; and ‘Income Inequality and Social Dysfunction’.

We also cover the success of Jeremy Corbyn’s grassroots campaign, despite very negative mainstream media coverage.

We finish the episode by covering the Finsbury Park terrorist attack and using social media to challenge the selective labelling of terrorism. For more on the selective labelling of terrorism, check out Nick’s article ‘Malcolm Turnbull Benches Team Australia, But Will The Narrative On Terrorism Change?’ and our 112th episode.

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*The episode title is from the Jonathan Pie video ‘Papering over Poverty’, which is featured on the episode.



You can listen to this episode above and subscribe to our podcast on iTunes. You can also listen to this episode on StitcherCyber Ears or download it on (49mins, 38MB).

Nick is back with one final episode on the US election, featuring some listener feedback on our last two episodes (#146 and #147) on this topic. Jeremy Mendelson @CriticalTransit makes the case for why he is not voting for Clinton and the importance of voting for third parties like the Greens.

There is also some discussion on Trump, class and the urban/rural divide in the US. For more on this, check out Cracked podcast, Jimmy Dore and Chomsky on the impact of NAFTA (Trump opposes this free trade agreement).

*Despite the title of the above video (and the photoshopped hat!), Moore is NOT voting for Trump!

The episode also features a new segment ‘Angela Davis ALWAYS Makes Sense’.

There has also been yet another horrible new policy by the Australian government towards asylum seekers. For more on this, like us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter @ProgPodcast – Katie has been posting a lot about this on there.


Billy Talent ‘Voices of Violence’, LOWKEY ft LUPE FIASCO, M1 (DEAD PREZ) & BLACK THE RIPPER – ‘OBAMA NATION PART 2’, Angela Davis – interview 1972 – talking about revolution, Jimmy DoreA Hillary Presidency Sustains The Neoliberal Nightmare – Or Does It?’, Michael Moore Explains Trump’s Appeal Like Only He Can, War on WomenRoe vs World’.

You can listen to a short (9 minute) version of this episode, which features Nick’s discussion on Trump and class, here: Small Elements of Legitimacy Amongst a lot of Illegitimacy in Trump’s Campaign. You can subscribe to these short versions of our episodes through Omny.