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With coronavirus restrictions easing across Australia, we argue that the aim should not be to return to normal, but rather to create a different society that addresses the inequalities and hardships that existed well before the pandemic.

We also discuss US politics and make a similar case against going back to normal post-Trump, highlighting the need to tackle ongoing problems with health care, the environment and class inequality.

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NOFX ‘The Marxist Brothers’, Briggs & Tim Minchin ‘HouseFyre (Lockdown Video) #StayHome’, NowThis News ‘Trump Caught On Hot Mic Before Coronavirus Address’.

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Photo: Wasi Daniju

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Nick is joined by Mark Allen to discuss the Grenfell Tower fire. We discuss the benefits of “red tape” and the dangers of poor quality high-rise buildings, including in Australia. Mark also covered this issue of poor quality high-rise on our show back on episode 127.

There is also a return of the segment ‘Angela Davis ALWAYS Makes Sense’, this time on capitalism, activism and creating new arenas of struggle.

We discuss the fire as a powerful example of the devastating impact of economic inequality, drawing on the following academic articles: ‘World-Economic Trends in the Distribution of Income, 1965-1992’; ‘Inequality: Causes and consequences’; and ‘Income Inequality and Social Dysfunction’.

We also cover the success of Jeremy Corbyn’s grassroots campaign, despite very negative mainstream media coverage.

We finish the episode by covering the Finsbury Park terrorist attack and using social media to challenge the selective labelling of terrorism. For more on the selective labelling of terrorism, check out Nick’s article ‘Malcolm Turnbull Benches Team Australia, But Will The Narrative On Terrorism Change?’ and our 112th episode.

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Musician Akala: People died in London fire ‘because they were poor’, ChumbawambaUgh! Your Ugly Houses!’, Jonathan PiePapering over Poverty’, Angela Davis – interview 1972 – talking about revolution, Lowkey – ‘This is Criminal’, The JamThe planner’s dream went wrong’.

*The episode title is from the Jonathan Pie video ‘Papering over Poverty’, which is featured on the episode.

Kirsten Bayes and Katie in our “studio” for this interview.

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On this episode we are joined by Kirsten Bayes, who discusses Blair and Brexit, ongoing racism in the UK and the importance of progressive movements setting a positive agenda rather than being reactive. This discussion will continue next episode and you can hear Kirsten discuss Brexit on our show previously on episode 139.

We saw this article on Brexit and racism on the tube in London – see the link below for more pics from our trip to the UK.

We also discuss our trip to the UK – you can view some photos from our trip here. We focus on London and Edinburgh, and specifically we cover the Spotify playlist for our podcast that we created while we were away, doctors vs “doctors”, the seagulls are loose, inequality in Scotland and private gardens, getting shit-faced, doing the graveyard shift, they get their news 3 days late in Scotland, Edinburgh comedy and Barnaby the rich homophobe, and vegan/vegan-friendly restaurant recommendations for Edinburgh: NovaPizza Vegetarian Kitchen, Affogato and The Caffeine Drip. See Katie’s photos and reviews on Happy Cow for more.

We thought that these private gardens were a good example of inequality in Scotland – see the link above for more pics from our trip to the UK.

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Frank Turner ‘I Am Disappeared’, Bill Hicks ‘Hooligans’, Discussion with Kirsten Bayes, Dark Place ‘Night in Glasgow’, The Real McKenziesSmokin Bowl’.


Cartoon by Alan Moir, from

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On this episode, Nick is joined by his brother Liam Pendergrast, one of the many victims of Centrelink’s new compliance system. This new computer system used by Australia’s welfare/social security system is issuing 20,000 debt notices a week, which is not only affecting vulnerable people, but many of these notices are incorrect in their claim that people under-reported their income while on Centrelink.

If you’ve received a false debt letter from Centrelink, you’re not alone – visit and share your story. Also check out #NotMyDebt on Twitter for more stories and information on the issue.

In some Trump-related news, we discuss Jason Brownlee’s article ‘Trump gives no reason to believe U.S. nation-building will end on Jan. 20’ (a topic we discussed with Jason on episode 146) and Amnesty’s International’s petition calling for Obama to take his last chance to leave a lasting human rights legacy. Check out Ward Churchill’s spoken word CD ‘In A Pig’s Eye: Reflections on the Police State, Repression and Native America’ for more on Native American activist Leonard Peltier’s case, which is referred to in Amnesty’s petition.

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ThejuicemediaCentrelink Fail – Honest Government Advert’, Freeman Dre & The Kitchen PartyIt’s Good To Have Faith In The Lord’, Choking VictimMoney’ – featuring Michael Parenti, Leonard Cohen ‘The Future’.

You can listen to a short (9 minute) version of this episode, which features a shortened version of Liam’s Centrelink story, here and below. You can subscribe to these short versions of our episodes through Omny.