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Charlie and Katie.

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This is a whole show about/dedicated to our dog Charlie. We discuss Charlie and other companion animals we have shared our homes with as a starting point to investigate humans relationships with companion animals and animals generally.

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This is from the local paper encouraging people to adopt Charlie – the pound named him Wilson.

Check out speeches from the Invasion Day rally in Melbourne on the 3CR site, on the last few shows of Tuesday Breakfast on 3CR and you can also listen to our recordings of speeches that weren’t covered on the 3CR broadcast.

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Flight of the ConchordsThe Prince of Parties’, PropagandhiWithout Love’, John LennonBeautiful Boy (Darling Boy)’.

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Image from

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This episode features Launch Housing CEO Bevan Warner on the “housing first” approach to addressing homelessness. You can donate to Launch Housing to support those sleeping rough to get into safe, long-term housing, check out The Australian Homelessness Monitor – commissioned by Launch Housing to give insight into the current state of homelessness in Australia and look into the Everybody’s Home campaign which calls for a better, fairer housing system for everyone.

We also play part of an interview we did with Kelly from the Roominations show on 3CR at the #PublicHousingParliamentaryVigil – which we covered last episode #217. You can watch this full interview on Youtube, Facebook and listen to the whole thing on Soundcloud. You can also hear Kelly discussing homelessness on our 160th episode.

Finally, we play an interview Nick did on ABC Radio Tasmania with Melanie Tait on the issue of dogs being considered property under the law. This interview is based on Nick’s article on the ABC ‘The perils of pet ownership: your dog isn’t a ‘fur baby’, it’s your property’.

If you’d like to hear more on this issue, check out Nick’s discussion on ‘Pets and Animal Liberation’ with PhD candidate Zoei Sutton – on Freedom of Species radio show on 3CR.


Adam Ruins EverythingAdam Ruins Housing’ (season 1, episode 19), Bomb the Music IndustrySlumlord’, Interview with Launch Housing CEO Bevan Warner, Interview with Kelly from the Roominations show on 3CR, Interview Nick did on ABC Radio Tasmania with Melanie Tait, LowkeyThe Death of Neoliberalism’.

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Aus police, defending animal abuse

Image from the 5 Day Fast and Justice Camp that we covered on episode 192. This episode features a talk by Nick looking into the state’s role in animal oppression, amongst other topics.

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This episode covers veganism and ethnicity as well as anarchism and animal liberation, featuring a talk by Angela Davis on veganism as revolutionary, a voicemail from “the usual Jon” on Maori veganism and a talk by Nick on why animal liberation is an important anarchist issue.

Check out Nick’s article published on the ABC, covering dog attacks but also broader issues of dogs and other animals being classified as property under the law. We also appreciate any shares on the article via Facebook and Twitter.

Nick’s talk covers some themes touched on in episode 192 regarding police, the state and animal exploitation. You can find links to all of the sources Nick mentioned during the talk in the description for the talk. I’d specifically like to mention the article ‘It’s not easy being young, black, and vegan’ by Odochi Ibe and documentary The Invisible Vegan, both on African-American veganism. Follow @InvisibleVegan on Twitter for updates on the doco.

We play Angela Davis’s talk referred to above as part of the regular segment ‘Angela Davis ALWAYS Makes Sense’ – this time it’s on veganism.

John’s voicemail was originally played on Team Earthling podcast and if any Māori or Pasifika vegans or non-vegans interested in veganism want a forum that’s more aligned with your cultural values, Jon recommends the group “Māori and Pasifika Vegans” on Facebook. For more information on race, class and veganism you can check out a great talk by Javed on this topic (which we played on episode 54) as well as the talk ‘Animal Activism of the Poor in Australia—Is anyone paying attention?’ by Jeanette Carroll.

Here are a bunch of articles, book chapters etc Nick has published recently (must be uni break!):

Nick has also joined the Freedom of Species animal advocacy show on 3CR radio – you can hear him discuss the campaign against horse-drawn carriages in Melbourne here and he’ll be a regular host on the show from now on.

Finally, you can view some pics from the Be Fair Be Vegan demonstration here and below – this was part of the Be Fair Be Vegan ad campaign that we discussed last episode.

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Local Resident Failure ‘Fuck White Pride’, Angela Davis – interview 1972 – talking about revolutionAngela Davis on Veganism, Nick’s talk ‘Why Animal Liberation is an Important Anarchist Issue’, “The usual Jon” on Maori veganism, Dead Prez ‘Be Healthy’.

Because Australian tourists are the REAL victims here! There is a strong focus on Australian tourists being “duped” in the campaign against dog meat in Bali.

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This episode covers the Bali dog meat scandal, where Australian tourists have been eating dogs thinking they were eating a different species of animal. To discuss this, Nick is joined by his cousin Emil Raji, who has lived in Bali for most of his life. We give a critical perspective on this scandal and the campaign against it, highlighting the nationalism and racism underlying the outrage behind eating dogs as particularly exceptional or worse than eating other animals.

We play Nick’s talk ‘Rescuing Dogs in a Mercedes-Benz: Animal Advocacy in China’. This talk gives a critical perspective on Western opposition to the dog meat trade. You can view the PowerPoint for this talk here and it is also embedded above. This talk is from the most recent TASA (The Australian Sociological Association) conference. You can listen to other talks from this conference here and you can hear our recap of this conference on episode 151.

We also play Colin Salter’s talk ‘Normativity, Intersectionality and States of Exception’, which argues that animal advocates shouldn’t focus on the relatively small number of animals killed in non-Western counties as exceptional but instead address the far more widespread animal slaughter in Western countries. This talk was recorded at the most recent Institute for Critical Animal Studies (ICAS) Oceania conference. You can hear a recap of this conference on episode 152 and there are links to audio of all of the talks from it in the show notes of that episode. Also a reminder about the upcoming ICAS Oceania conference (14-16 July) and the Development for Species – Animals in society, animals as society conference (18-19 September). They are both in Melbourne.

I spotted this at the vet. On the episode I mentioned that it was the ‘Fuck Off We’re Full’ sticker but it was actually a different racist sticker alongside the Sea Shepherd sticker – same problem though – do animal campaigns feed into racist attitudes?

Other stuff covered on this episode is: the thousands of dogs killed in Australia each year, using the website/app to help with vegan eating in Bali and all around the world, nationalism and racism in the campaign against live export – for more on this, check out episode 97 (also featuring Emil) and Nick’s talk ‘Live Animal Export, Humane Slaughter And Media Hegemony’.

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Madness on tha Block ‘Ironi’, Nick’s talk ‘Rescuing Dogs in a Mercedes-Benz: Animal Advocacy in China’, Colin Salter’s talk ‘Normativity, Intersectionality and States of Exception’, Ugly Bastard ‘Menuju Pulau Seribu Luka’.

Check out Emil’s photography on Instagram!

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On this episode, which marks four years of the podcast, the focus is on dogs. We play Nick’s talk ‘Black Dogs Don’t Get Adopted – Linking Human Rights and Animal Rights’ (embedded below). This talk looks into some connections between animal rights and human rights issues, using the fact that black dogs are less likely to be adopted as a starting point. For links referred to throughout the talk, see the description on the Soundcloud page.

We also play an interview Nick recently did on the issue of “dangerous” dog breeds and breed specific legislation (embedded below).

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FrozenReindeer[s] are better than people’, Nick’s interview on “dangerous” dog breeds, Nick’s talk ‘Black Dogs Don’t Get Adopted – Linking Human Rights and Animal Rights’, Martin Luther King Jr ‘I’m Black and Beautiful’, Myq Kaplan ‘Flags and Lies’ – from the album ‘Vegan Mind Meld’, Dr Jonathan BalcombeOn Animals Valuing Their Lives’ from Animal Voices podcast, Star Fucking Hipsters ‘Empty Lives’.

You can listen to a short (5 minute) version of this episode, which features Nick’s interview on “dangerous” dog breeds, below. You can subscribe to these short versions of our episodes through Omny.

Our rescued, vegan dog Charlie – at about 12 years old! (with his friend…his faithful friend)

You can listen to part 1 of this episode through here (24MB) and part 2 through Media Fire here (32MB).

This episode is in two parts, in part 1 we are joined by Dr Andrew Knight, DipECAWBM (WSEL), PhD, MRCVS, FOCAE, who is a European Veterinary Specialist in Welfare Science, Ethics and Law and Fellow, Oxford Centre for Animal Ethics. In our interview with him, he discusses vegan diets for cats and dogs, as well as some tips for making sure our companion animals are happy and healthy. There is lots of great information about vegan cats and dogs at his website You can also hear Nick interviewing Andrew Knight about the scientific and ethical issues surrounding animal experimentation and his new book ‘The Costs and Benefits of Animal Experiments’ here and you can also read Andrew Knight’s vegan fitness profile here. We also discuss Alana Stevenson’s alternative approach to dog training and her book Training Your Dog the Humane Way. Other issues covered on part 1 are some more of our second-hand finds, the environmental reasons to feed your companion animal vegan food (drawing on Nick’s comments on the article ‘What About Your Carbon Pawprint?’), the animal rights reasons for feeding your companion animal vegan food (drawing on Nick’s comments on the article ‘Vegan Pet Food Triggers Meaty Debate’), Nick’s interview on 6PR on the horse meat scandal, and Nick’s vegan fitness profile.

We open part 2 with an interview with Craig Dearth who gives practical advice on how he keeps his rescued, vegan dogs healthy. The interview with Craig was at the vegan café and shop PAWS. Craig is President of the Rail, Tram and Bus Union and you can hear another interview with him on Go Vegan Radio here. We also discuss Nick’s article ‘Raising Happy, Healthy Vegan Dogs’, the free E-book Vegan Dogs, a list of 100 vegan dogs from the website The Vegan Truth, and Marcus and Ruth from The Species Barrier podcast articles on vegan dogs and vegan cats. We also have an interview with Clare Middlemas and Nathan Verney on their rescued, vegan cat Luna and how they keep her happy and healthy – see pages 6-7 of the Fremantle Herald for an article which features Nathan and Luna. Clare and Nathan are refugee advocates with the Refugee Rights Action Network WA and you can hear us interview them about refugees on our 8th episode. They recommend the book on vegan cats: Obligate Carnivore.

In part 2, beyond companion animals, we also cover: comedian John Robertson’s rant on the conservative party winning the election in Western Australia, the video Tony Abbott Grand Slam, David Graeber on Occupy and Anarchism, Bob Geldof on the Occupy movement,, Nick’s interview with Nicole Styles on IWD and gender inequality today – 4th March 2013 episode of RTR 92.1FM Indymedia, Reproductive Choice Australia’s flash mob in Adelaide and pledge against abortion shaming, reconciling atheism and veganism with your cultural identity, Living Vegan magazine, the rise of veganism amongst African Americans – see here and here, the impact of train lines on non-human animals and ways to reduce these impacts, and Roger Yates’s website on animal rights.

Book Recommendation (from part 2 – thanks to Marcus from The Species Barrier podcast for this recommendation):

Bramble – The Dog Who Wanted to Live Forever by Anne Heritage.

Clips (part 1):

Quarry Girl ‘The Vegan Soundboard’, Resist and ExistEverylast Life’, The CheckoutThe Rational Consumer’, Flight of the ConchordsSeason 2, Episode 6’, Flight of the ConchordsSeason 1, Episode 2’, The IT CrowdSeries 3, Episode 1’, The Office (UK) ‘Series 1, Episode 5’, Sweeney ToddMy Friends’, The CheckoutComplaint Letter: Purina Cat Food’, Nick Pendergrast interviewed by Howard Sattler on 6PR – on the issue of humane slaughter, Nick Pendergrast – discussion on horse meat – from the 25th February 2013 episode of RTR 92.1FM Indymedia, Dr Andrew Knight interviewed by Nick Pendergrast on vegan diets for cats and dogs, Wil Wagna ‘Laika’.

Clips (part 2):

Maroon ‘Stillborn’, Nick Pendergrast interviews Craig Dearth on vegan dogs, CNNNNAustin Powers, Craig Dearth on the Occupy movement, Lateline ‘Jones and Geldof Say Business Must Do Good’, George CarlinPro Life is Anti Woman‘, DerekSeason 1, Episode 3’, Peep Show (Series 8, episode 4), Nick Pendergrast interviewing Clare Middlemas and Nathan Verney on vegan cats, Propagandhi ‘Without Love’.