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On this show we give our take on Universal Basic Income (UBI), which is where every citizen gets a sum of money from the government.


You can hear us discuss our experiences with Centrelink (Australia’s social security agency) on our 232nd episode.


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On this episode we have some back-up from scholarly sources, as well as from Adam Cardilini, who is a scientist, animal advocate and co-host of Vegansci podcast. He discusses some listener feedback on episode 156, covering topics such as new animal-free alternatives, capitalism, effective animal activism, the methodology of the former vegetarian and vegan study by Faunalytics, veganism and B12, using a Fox News level of objectivity and finding the magical vegan dumpling.

We also have a brief discussion about the Invasion Day rally in Melbourne. You can listen to our audio recordings of all of the talks from that event here.

In the second half of the episode we ask Adam some further questions about his talk ‘Diversity in animal activism: Preparing for impact opportunities for the next 10 years’, which we played on episode 156. These questions are on issues such as lab-grown meat, GMOs, technology and the vegan movement. You can listen to the Q and A after Adam’s talk here.

Katie and Nick finish up the episode with a discussion on mental health medication, animal testing and veganism. For more on this topic, check out Katie’s ICAS talk (which we played on episode 131) and for more on mental health medication generally, listen in to our 92nd episode.

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On this one we take on the budget – introduced by the grubs in government. We start off by discussing “grubgate” – where Liberal party politician Christopher Pyne apparently called Labor leader Bill Shorten a “grub”. We discuss the “nitty gritty” of the budget, covering a number of different aspects. A starting point is that this is not really an austerity budget significantly reducing government spending, but rather there are some cuts and some increases. Economist Richard Denniss has pointed out that military spending has gone up, for example. We explain that this is a “class war” budget that will increase the already vast wealth inequality in Australia. Greater inequality results in poor health outcomes and other negative results across the board. Cuts have been made to essential services despite the fact that the “budget emergency” does not exist.

One way the poorest and most vulnerable people will be affected is the new $7 co-payment for doctor visits. Treasurer Joe Hockey has dismissed this as costing ‘less than two middies’ but we argue this is a significant move towards a US model of healthcare. It has already led to less people visiting doctors in Australia and will lead to less preventative healthcare. Stevie has written a powerful article on how these policies would affect people close to her. There have also been changes to education such as the deregulation of uni fees, meaning they can charge students as much as they like – which only the UWA Vice-Chancellor is happy about. Meanwhile, it has been revealed that Tony Abbotts’ daughter received a $60 000 scholarship from one of Abbott’s political donors. On welfare, the budget proposes that people under 30 should wait 6 months to receive payments. Another unpopular part of the budget is raising the retirement age to 70 – which is opposed by 70% of Australians. This unpopularity was also shown in the Q and A episode where Joe Hockey was roasted on the budget by a crowd made up of many Liberal party voters.

There is widespread opposition to the budget in parliament as well – a number of political parties have pledged to block many of the budget proposals. Despite this, a double dissolution election is unlikely. Even if it did go ahead, Labor has followed a neoliberal agenda just like the Liberal party, showing the importance of social movements in opposing the budget. On this topic, we play an interview with March in May organiser Alex Bainbridge. He is interviewed by Caroline Smith on the Indymedia show. We also discuss an article on the potential for technology to be used to exploit animals (following on from our discussion on the role of virtual technology in bringing about positive social change) and we encourage people to check out The Angry Hippie’s Podcast.

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In this episode we explore the environmental crisis and the way in which the dominant argument is that we don’t have to worry about other issues like consumption and population, all we have to do is use new technologies, energy efficiency and market-based solutions like the carbon tax. To help us discuss this, we are joined by PhD student Caleb Goods, who is doing his thesis on green jobs and has published the article ‘Labour Unions, the Environment and Green Jobs’. We not only challenge dominant solutions to environmental problems but also offer some of our solutions to reducing consumption including buying second-hand, minimalism and more systemic changes, as well as giving some ways to reduce population including choosing not to reproduce and donating to Pop Offsets.** We also discuss stupid climate change denial billboards, Gina Rinehart and climate change denial in Australia, Occupy Wall Street helping out with Hurricane Sandy, animal agriculture being excluded from the carbon tax, Common Ground Festival, Julia Gillard and uranium mining, the great documentary Operation 8: Deep in the Forrest (see the website for more info on this case) and we finish with some positive steps that have already been taken to seriously deal with the environmental crisis.

**Update: We finish episode 44 with a critical examination of some population arguments, with a focus on the intersections between population and gender.

Book Recommendation:

Green Gone Wrong by Heather Rogers


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*The title of this episode was taken from the Propagandhi song with this name, which we play on the episode.