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We’re joined by our friend Lottie to break down the Australian federal election, going from major parties to minors to micro-parties to Independents. More specifically, we discuss Labor failing to challenge the Liberal party’s trickle-down economics, positive changes from the Greens regarding an increased focus on addressing cost of living issues and Indigenous representation, how the Teal Independents stack up on climate change and other issues, differences between the socialist parties, the Animal Justice Party and human social justice issues, plus compulsory voting and spanking.

*Since we recorded this episode Nick has done a Facebook post regarding how he’ll be voting.

Lottie has looked into some of the minor and micro-parties and will be voting as follows:

Lower House

Lottie is still working out her top 4 but it will be between: Leah Horsfall – Animal Justice Party, Emma Black – Vic Socialists, Sue Bolton – Socialist Alliance and Sarah Jefford – Greens.

5. Peter Khalil (Labor) 6. Tom Wright (Liberals) 7. Sam Sergi (Australian Federation) 8. Irene Zivkovic (United Australia) 9. Jill Tindal (One Nation).

(Vic Socialists, Socialist Alliance and Greens all agree with numbering 5-9).


Lottie is still working out her top 4 but it will be between: Animal Justice Party, Victorian Socialists, Socialist Alliance and Greens.

5. Reason 6. Australian Progressives 7. Fusion: Science, Pirate, Secualr, Climate Emergency (?) 8. Australian Democrats (?) 9. Labor 10. Sustainable Australia (?) 11. Legalise Cannabis Australia 12. LNP.

How to votes from Lottie’s top 4 parties:

AJP how to vote: Reason, Greens, Socialist Alliance, Legalise cannabis.

Victorian Socialists how to vote: Socialist Alliance, Greens, Aus Progressives, AJP, Labor.

Socialist Alliance how to vote: Victorian Socialists, Greens, Reason, Animal Justice, Labor.

Greens how to vote: Vic Socialists, AJP, Legalise Cannabis, Reason, Labor.

Websites comparing parties and candidates on climate change and other issues:

  • Vote Climate One. Vote Climate One how to vote: AJP, Australian Democrats, Australian Greens, Australian Progressives, Fusion: Science, Pirate, Secular, Climate Emergency, Reason, Socialist Alliance, Sustainable Australia, Victorian Socialists.
  • Vote Earth Now.
  • They Vote For You.

Articles/podcasts discussed:

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We look into state overreach in the arrest of the producer for Youtuber Friendlyjordies by the police’s fixated persons unit.

We also discuss language that we associate with the Right of politics, like cuck and simp, being used by some on the Left (or at least not on the Right), drawing on the example of former Labor leader Bill Shorten calling Prime Minister Scott Morrison a simp.

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On this one we take on the budget – introduced by the grubs in government. We start off by discussing “grubgate” – where Liberal party politician Christopher Pyne apparently called Labor leader Bill Shorten a “grub”. We discuss the “nitty gritty” of the budget, covering a number of different aspects. A starting point is that this is not really an austerity budget significantly reducing government spending, but rather there are some cuts and some increases. Economist Richard Denniss has pointed out that military spending has gone up, for example. We explain that this is a “class war” budget that will increase the already vast wealth inequality in Australia. Greater inequality results in poor health outcomes and other negative results across the board. Cuts have been made to essential services despite the fact that the “budget emergency” does not exist.

One way the poorest and most vulnerable people will be affected is the new $7 co-payment for doctor visits. Treasurer Joe Hockey has dismissed this as costing ‘less than two middies’ but we argue this is a significant move towards a US model of healthcare. It has already led to less people visiting doctors in Australia and will lead to less preventative healthcare. Stevie has written a powerful article on how these policies would affect people close to her. There have also been changes to education such as the deregulation of uni fees, meaning they can charge students as much as they like – which only the UWA Vice-Chancellor is happy about. Meanwhile, it has been revealed that Tony Abbotts’ daughter received a $60 000 scholarship from one of Abbott’s political donors. On welfare, the budget proposes that people under 30 should wait 6 months to receive payments. Another unpopular part of the budget is raising the retirement age to 70 – which is opposed by 70% of Australians. This unpopularity was also shown in the Q and A episode where Joe Hockey was roasted on the budget by a crowd made up of many Liberal party voters.

There is widespread opposition to the budget in parliament as well – a number of political parties have pledged to block many of the budget proposals. Despite this, a double dissolution election is unlikely. Even if it did go ahead, Labor has followed a neoliberal agenda just like the Liberal party, showing the importance of social movements in opposing the budget. On this topic, we play an interview with March in May organiser Alex Bainbridge. He is interviewed by Caroline Smith on the Indymedia show. We also discuss an article on the potential for technology to be used to exploit animals (following on from our discussion on the role of virtual technology in bringing about positive social change) and we encourage people to check out The Angry Hippie’s Podcast.

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