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Nick with Samara Grumberg and James Aspey, the other two speakers from the event: The Food We Eat: Its Impacts on Environments and Bodies.

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This episode covers the event The Food We Eat: Its Impacts on Environments and Bodies in Townsville, Australia. We play Nick’s talk The Food We Eat and its Impact on the Environment from this event – you can view the PowerPoint for this talk here and it is also embedded below. Be sure to also listen to Samara Grumberg’s talk on the food we eat and its impact on human health and James Aspey’s talk on the impact on animals.

You can view photos from this event and Nick’s trip to Townsville generally here.

There’s also an interview with Daniel from MariDan’s Menagerie animal sanctuary. You can see some of Nick’s photos from this sanctuary visit here.

Daniel hanging out with a buddy at MariDan’s Menagerie animal sanctuary.

Other stuff covered throughout the episode is: Craig Reucassel’s new ABC show The War on Waste; the documentary Cowspiracy; a reminder about the Institute for Critical Animal Studies (Oceania) conference; Nick’s PhD thesis ‘A sociological examination of the contemporary animal advocacy movement: Organisations, rationality and veganism’ is available online here for anyone/no one to read; and intersectional feminism in the mobile game ‘Choices’!

Intersectional feminism is so hot right now! This is from the mobile game ‘Choices’.

Book recommendation:

Vegan Athletes: Expert Tips from Vegan Athletes, Fitness Fanatics & Exercise Enthusiasts by Leigh-Chantelle (featuring Nick and many other vegan athletes).

Nick (in the ice-hockey jersey) with other vegan athletes featured in the book.

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Myq Kaplan ‘Ducks and Vegetarianism’ from the album ‘Vegan Mind Meld’, Jeff RosenstockJune 21st’, Nick’s talk The Food We Eat and its Impact on the Environment from this event – you can view the PowerPoint for this talk here, Akala ‘Fire in the Booth – part 1’, Interview with Daniel from MariDan’s Menagerie animal sanctuary, The Broadways ‘Restless’.

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On this episode we’re joined by Kadri Aavik, a sociologist, as well as a feminist and animal liberation activist. She discusses her article ‘Challenging Sexism while Supporting Speciesism: The Views of Estonian Feminist on Animal Liberation and Its Links to Feminism’, which she co-wrote with Dagmar Kase and published in the Journal for Critical Animal Studies (pages 92-107). For more on Critical Animal Studies, check out our 108th episode, which has links to all of the talks from the 2015 Critical Animal Studies Oceania conference.

Throughout the discussion we touch on links between sexism and animal exploitation – including mentioning the work of Carol Adams. Jess Ison’s talk on Animals Australia’s ‘No Way To Treat a Lady’ campaign includes an analysis of the contribution Adams has made to this field (embedded below).

Also covered throughout the episode is: the importance of animal advocates providing people with practical advice on living vegan (such as our website, the Australian government has recognised that the vegan diet is a viable option for all Australians – though the Estonian government doesn’t feel the same way, and we have a further discussion on the issue of population.

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LazertitsVBM’, War on WomenPro-Life?’, PunchFeminists Don’t Have a Cow’.

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*Title taken from the Punch song ‘Feminists Don’t Have a Cow’.

Image from Australian Political Memes.*

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On this one we take on the budget – introduced by the grubs in government. We start off by discussing “grubgate” – where Liberal party politician Christopher Pyne apparently called Labor leader Bill Shorten a “grub”. We discuss the “nitty gritty” of the budget, covering a number of different aspects. A starting point is that this is not really an austerity budget significantly reducing government spending, but rather there are some cuts and some increases. Economist Richard Denniss has pointed out that military spending has gone up, for example. We explain that this is a “class war” budget that will increase the already vast wealth inequality in Australia. Greater inequality results in poor health outcomes and other negative results across the board. Cuts have been made to essential services despite the fact that the “budget emergency” does not exist.

One way the poorest and most vulnerable people will be affected is the new $7 co-payment for doctor visits. Treasurer Joe Hockey has dismissed this as costing ‘less than two middies’ but we argue this is a significant move towards a US model of healthcare. It has already led to less people visiting doctors in Australia and will lead to less preventative healthcare. Stevie has written a powerful article on how these policies would affect people close to her. There have also been changes to education such as the deregulation of uni fees, meaning they can charge students as much as they like – which only the UWA Vice-Chancellor is happy about. Meanwhile, it has been revealed that Tony Abbotts’ daughter received a $60 000 scholarship from one of Abbott’s political donors. On welfare, the budget proposes that people under 30 should wait 6 months to receive payments. Another unpopular part of the budget is raising the retirement age to 70 – which is opposed by 70% of Australians. This unpopularity was also shown in the Q and A episode where Joe Hockey was roasted on the budget by a crowd made up of many Liberal party voters.

There is widespread opposition to the budget in parliament as well – a number of political parties have pledged to block many of the budget proposals. Despite this, a double dissolution election is unlikely. Even if it did go ahead, Labor has followed a neoliberal agenda just like the Liberal party, showing the importance of social movements in opposing the budget. On this topic, we play an interview with March in May organiser Alex Bainbridge. He is interviewed by Caroline Smith on the Indymedia show. We also discuss an article on the potential for technology to be used to exploit animals (following on from our discussion on the role of virtual technology in bringing about positive social change) and we encourage people to check out The Angry Hippie’s Podcast.

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W.Paulo S ‘What Did Christopher Pyne Call Bill Shorten’, Rap News (featuring Christopher Pyne) ’Australia, Yeah C**t – Australia’s new National Anthem’, Q & A featuring Treasurer Joe Hockey, Q & A with Hockey, ClerksVilification’, Q & A with Hockey, Austin PowersInterview with March in May organiser Alex Bainbridge by Caroline Smith on the Indymedia show, Anti-Flag (featuring a special guest vocalist) ‘The Project for the New American Century’.

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Our rescued, vegan dog Charlie – at about 12 years old! (with his friend…his faithful friend)

You can listen to part 1 of this episode through here (24MB) and part 2 through Media Fire here (32MB).

This episode is in two parts, in part 1 we are joined by Dr Andrew Knight, DipECAWBM (WSEL), PhD, MRCVS, FOCAE, who is a European Veterinary Specialist in Welfare Science, Ethics and Law and Fellow, Oxford Centre for Animal Ethics. In our interview with him, he discusses vegan diets for cats and dogs, as well as some tips for making sure our companion animals are happy and healthy. There is lots of great information about vegan cats and dogs at his website You can also hear Nick interviewing Andrew Knight about the scientific and ethical issues surrounding animal experimentation and his new book ‘The Costs and Benefits of Animal Experiments’ here and you can also read Andrew Knight’s vegan fitness profile here. We also discuss Alana Stevenson’s alternative approach to dog training and her book Training Your Dog the Humane Way. Other issues covered on part 1 are some more of our second-hand finds, the environmental reasons to feed your companion animal vegan food (drawing on Nick’s comments on the article ‘What About Your Carbon Pawprint?’), the animal rights reasons for feeding your companion animal vegan food (drawing on Nick’s comments on the article ‘Vegan Pet Food Triggers Meaty Debate’), Nick’s interview on 6PR on the horse meat scandal, and Nick’s vegan fitness profile.

We open part 2 with an interview with Craig Dearth who gives practical advice on how he keeps his rescued, vegan dogs healthy. The interview with Craig was at the vegan café and shop PAWS. Craig is President of the Rail, Tram and Bus Union and you can hear another interview with him on Go Vegan Radio here. We also discuss Nick’s article ‘Raising Happy, Healthy Vegan Dogs’, the free E-book Vegan Dogs, a list of 100 vegan dogs from the website The Vegan Truth, and Marcus and Ruth from The Species Barrier podcast articles on vegan dogs and vegan cats. We also have an interview with Clare Middlemas and Nathan Verney on their rescued, vegan cat Luna and how they keep her happy and healthy – see pages 6-7 of the Fremantle Herald for an article which features Nathan and Luna. Clare and Nathan are refugee advocates with the Refugee Rights Action Network WA and you can hear us interview them about refugees on our 8th episode. They recommend the book on vegan cats: Obligate Carnivore.

In part 2, beyond companion animals, we also cover: comedian John Robertson’s rant on the conservative party winning the election in Western Australia, the video Tony Abbott Grand Slam, David Graeber on Occupy and Anarchism, Bob Geldof on the Occupy movement,, Nick’s interview with Nicole Styles on IWD and gender inequality today – 4th March 2013 episode of RTR 92.1FM Indymedia, Reproductive Choice Australia’s flash mob in Adelaide and pledge against abortion shaming, reconciling atheism and veganism with your cultural identity, Living Vegan magazine, the rise of veganism amongst African Americans – see here and here, the impact of train lines on non-human animals and ways to reduce these impacts, and Roger Yates’s website on animal rights.

Book Recommendation (from part 2 – thanks to Marcus from The Species Barrier podcast for this recommendation):

Bramble – The Dog Who Wanted to Live Forever by Anne Heritage.

Clips (part 1):

Quarry Girl ‘The Vegan Soundboard’, Resist and ExistEverylast Life’, The CheckoutThe Rational Consumer’, Flight of the ConchordsSeason 2, Episode 6’, Flight of the ConchordsSeason 1, Episode 2’, The IT CrowdSeries 3, Episode 1’, The Office (UK) ‘Series 1, Episode 5’, Sweeney ToddMy Friends’, The CheckoutComplaint Letter: Purina Cat Food’, Nick Pendergrast interviewed by Howard Sattler on 6PR – on the issue of humane slaughter, Nick Pendergrast – discussion on horse meat – from the 25th February 2013 episode of RTR 92.1FM Indymedia, Dr Andrew Knight interviewed by Nick Pendergrast on vegan diets for cats and dogs, Wil Wagna ‘Laika’.

Clips (part 2):

Maroon ‘Stillborn’, Nick Pendergrast interviews Craig Dearth on vegan dogs, CNNNNAustin Powers, Craig Dearth on the Occupy movement, Lateline ‘Jones and Geldof Say Business Must Do Good’, George CarlinPro Life is Anti Woman‘, DerekSeason 1, Episode 3’, Peep Show (Series 8, episode 4), Nick Pendergrast interviewing Clare Middlemas and Nathan Verney on vegan cats, Propagandhi ‘Without Love’.