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On this episode we’re joined by Kadri Aavik, a sociologist, as well as a feminist and animal liberation activist. She discusses her article ‘Challenging Sexism while Supporting Speciesism: The Views of Estonian Feminist on Animal Liberation and Its Links to Feminism’, which she co-wrote with Dagmar Kase and published in the Journal for Critical Animal Studies (pages 92-107). For more on Critical Animal Studies, check out our 108th episode, which has links to all of the talks from the 2015 Critical Animal Studies Oceania conference.

Throughout the discussion we touch on links between sexism and animal exploitation – including mentioning the work of Carol Adams. Jess Ison’s talk on Animals Australia’s ‘No Way To Treat a Lady’ campaign includes an analysis of the contribution Adams has made to this field (embedded below).

Also covered throughout the episode is: the importance of animal advocates providing people with practical advice on living vegan (such as our website, the Australian government has recognised that the vegan diet is a viable option for all Australians – though the Estonian government doesn’t feel the same way, and we have a further discussion on the issue of population.

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*Title taken from the Punch song ‘Feminists Don’t Have a Cow’.