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In this feminist-themed episode we have two interviews with the Feminist Action Network. Amy Blitvich discusses Australian Prime Minister calling out Opposition leader Tony Abbot’s sexism, the Reclaim the Night march in Perth, and transphobia in the feminist movement. Rebecca Doyle tells us about their participation in the Bluestocking week events, foetal homicide laws and the relevance of feminism today. We also speak to Amber Maxwell from Equal Love WA about homophobia from the Australian Christian Lobby, an upcoming rally in Perth for marriage equality and the importance of education in overcoming transphobia and homophobia. Other issues covered throughout the episode are: moves towards transgender equality in Canada, a voicemail from Jeremy from the podcasts Politicized and Critical Transit, pornography, sex work,* a feminist perspective on the Julian Assange case, a flash mob by Reproductive Choice Australia to end the stigma around abortion, veganism and abortion, #GlobalNOISE in Perth, the Cruelty Free Festival in Perth and the awesome website Who Needs Feminism?.

*Update: on 29/12/2013 we recorded the episode Rethinking Porn and Sex Work – A Happy Ending to the Year, where we discuss some convincing critiques of the views we expressed on porn and sex work in this episode.

Book Recommendation:

How to be a Woman by Caitlin Moran


Queen Latifa ‘U.N.I.T.Y’, Flight of the Conchords ‘Ladies of the World’, Interview with Amy Blitvich on Perth Indymedia on RTR, PropagandhiRefusing to be a Man’, Interview with Amber Maxwell on Perth Indymedia on RTR, Gruen PlanetNails the Australian Christian Lobby’, CNNNN, Voicemail from Jeremy of Politicized and Critical Transit, Peep Show (series 6, episode 3), That Mitchell and Webb Look (series 3, episode 5), The IT Crowd (series 4, episode 1), Interview with Rebecca Doyle on Perth Indymedia on RTR, Bill Hicks ‘Pro Life’, Anti-Flag ‘No Apology’, Funny or Die ‘Republicans, Get in My Vagina!’, Nick Pendergrast speaking at #GlobalNoise (4.00-6.16), Christina Aguilera ‘Can’t Hold Us Down’.

This illustration is by Molly Crabapple.

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We begin this episode by discussing the one year anniversary protests by Occupy Wall Street and the police brutality and arbitrary arrests at this event. We also look at some of the achievements of the Occupy movement by discussing the website There is an interview with artist and activist Carl Scrase, who gives updates on Occupy Melbourne, as well as discussing the #Global Noise event for the Occupy one year anniversary, Real Democracy Australia and the future of the Occupy movement. There is also an update on the new asylum seeker camp on Nauru introduced by the Australian government, a discussion on the project for teen writers that promotes inclusive young adult fiction, Occupy and animal rights, and puppy slaughter in Australia. We also have a return of the segment ‘What you HAVEN’T learnt from the media this week’.

Alternative Media:

Check out your local Occupy (and other Occupy’s!) for lots of alternative media, but here are a couple of Australian Occupy-related forms of alternative media: The Occupied Sydney Morning Herald and Avenue magazine.


Video Nation#S17 2012: One Year of Occupy Wall Street’, Dead Prez ‘We Need a Revolution’, Interview with Carl Scrase from the September 17th episode of RTR 92.1FM Indymedia, Austin Powers, DJ Mydnyt ‘Corporate Network (pull the strings)’, Anti-Flag ‘Underground Network’, Katie and Nick’s Animal Rights Discussion from the September 17th episode of RTR 92.1FM Indymedia, Frank Turner ‘Love, Ire and Song’.

You can listen to this episode on here or download it on MediaFire here (31MB).

We start off the episode by analysing the latest changes to asylum seeker policy by the Australian government, as well as their new ad ‘Australia By Boat – No Advantage’ and the report from their “expert” panel. We also discuss how a picture can tell a thousand words about asylum seekers and The Conversation’s report from their expert panel on asylum seekers and their alternative recommendations. We bust myths about those coming by boat being queue jumpers, illegal immigrants, and Australia supposedly taking a large amount of asylum seekers. We also discuss why people get on boats and the good and the bad from the SBS show ‘Go Back to Where You Came From’. Finally, we discuss the good news for Australian journalist Austin Mackell and introduce the new segment ‘What You HAVEN’T Learnt from the Media This Week’. We also encourage people to listen to our interview about animal rights on Team Earthling and the package put together by Karun Cowper from Occupy Perth and Perth Indymedia, which brings you voices from the Refugee Rights Action Network’s convergence to Northam Detention Centre for asylum seekers.

Recommended Reading:

GetUp! Fact Sheet on Australia and Asylum Seekers


Australian Government ‘Australia By Boat – No Advantage’, GhostbustersTheme – Instrumental’, Austin PowersLagwagon from the album ‘Live in a Dive’, Billy Bragg ‘Never Buy the Sun’, Anti-Flag ‘Underground Network’, Hilltop Hoods ‘Speaking in Tongues’.

You can listen to this episode and/or download an MP3 file for it (30MB) on here.

We start off the episode by talking about our recent travels and our animal rights protest in Geneva, anarchism in Barcelona, and a discussion on China – including Internet censorship, Tiananmen Square and recent protests. Katie also provides a critical perspective on the definition of ‘refugee’, based on her study in Geneva. Finally, we discuss true globalisation and the free movement of people around the world (not just for “legitimate” refugees).

Book Recommendation:

Occupy Everything: Anarchists and the Occupy Movement 2009-2011 edited by Aragorn!


Gogol BordelloWonderlust King’, Lagwagon from the album ‘Live in a Dive’, Austin Powers, PropagandhiFuck the Border’.

*This quote that forms the title of this episode is taken from the Breakout Conference by the Cross Border Collective, which we discuss on this episode.