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You can listen to this episode on here or download it on MediaFire here (31MB).

We start off the episode by analysing the latest changes to asylum seeker policy by the Australian government, as well as their new ad ‘Australia By Boat – No Advantage’ and the report from their “expert” panel. We also discuss how a picture can tell a thousand words about asylum seekers and The Conversation’s report from their expert panel on asylum seekers and their alternative recommendations. We bust myths about those coming by boat being queue jumpers, illegal immigrants, and Australia supposedly taking a large amount of asylum seekers. We also discuss why people get on boats and the good and the bad from the SBS show ‘Go Back to Where You Came From’. Finally, we discuss the good news for Australian journalist Austin Mackell and introduce the new segment ‘What You HAVEN’T Learnt from the Media This Week’. We also encourage people to listen to our interview about animal rights on Team Earthling and the package put together by Karun Cowper from Occupy Perth and Perth Indymedia, which brings you voices from the Refugee Rights Action Network’s convergence to Northam Detention Centre for asylum seekers.

Recommended Reading:

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