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Politicians discussing climate change. Sculpture by Issac Cordal.

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Nick is joined by town planner and environmental activist Mark Allen. We discuss two forms of climate change denial – both denying climate change is happening and/or is caused by human activity but also denying the action and changes that are required to seriously address the climate emergency. To discuss this, we draw on the article ‘Climate Change: Almost Half Of Australia Is Still Ignorant Or Confused, New Poll Reveals’ by Thom Mitchell and the documentary This Changes Everything by Naomi Klein and Avi Lewis.

We discuss government “action” on the Great Barrier Reef, the problems with “green” capitalism, statistics on the impact of the carbon tax (we also covered the carbon tax on episodes 5 and 63), climate activism and hopepreferential voting in Australia and voting for the environment in the upcoming election.

Plugs for Mark: City Limits on 3CR, Population, Planning and Permaculture Facebook group and Mark’s article on the Brexit.

If you are interested in hearing more on the issues discussed on this episode, check out our recording of the Left Q/A – Election 2016 event, featuring speakers from Save the Planet, the Socialist Alliance and the Greens – part 1, part 2. We also discuss this event and play some highlights from it on episode 138.

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On this episode we are once again joined by Naama Blatman-Thomas (a PhD candidate from Israel who has done field work with Palestinian groups in Karmiel) and Mark Thomas (an American activist who has lived in both Israel and Palestine, including spending years in Palestinian refugee camps). They discuss how you can take action against the Occupation of Palestine, focused on the Boycotts, Divestments and Sanctions (BDS) campaign – which includes boycotting companies benefiting from the Occupation. You can find out more information about the BDS campaign at They also discuss the one state and two state solutions to the conflict, growing fascism in Israel, and Israeli’s and Palestinian’s working together for human rights. You can hear the first part of this interview on our last episode: Episode 62: Exaggerated Threats and the Bombing of Civilians – Israel/Palestine 101.

Before we get into the interview, we give some updates. We discuss the end of the 12 hour truce and mention that the Palestinian death toll has gone over 1000 – 75% of those killed were civilians, according to the United Nations. So far there have been 45 Israeli deaths – 42 soldiers, 2 Israeli civilians and one Thai agricultural worker. We also discuss the protests around the world against Israeli human rights abuses – including in France, Perth and about 10 000 people protesting in the West Bank. The West Bank protest was in reaction to the bombing of a United Nations shelter, which was strongly condemned by the UN. We also condemn Anti-Semitic attacks in Britain.

We mention that the US (kind of) condemns Israel’s bombing of civilians and also gives $47 million in humanitarian aid for Palestinians, while continuing to donate $3 billion to Israel’s military and being the only country to vote ‘no’ on a UN resolution against killing civilians in Gaza. For further information on Israel/Palestine, Naama and Mark recommend:,,,,,,,, and

Also mentioned on the episode is vegan cats and shout outs to Mad Cowgirls Vegan Grocery and Friends of the Earth Café. You can hear activists from Friends of the Earth on our 5th episode on the carbon tax, which has recently been abolished. We discuss the data on the results of the carbon tax, green capitalism and free public transport as a more effective solution to environmental (and social) problems.

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You can listen to a short (6 minute) version of this episode, where Naama and Mark discuss the BDS campaign, here: Boycott Israel’s Apartheid! You can subscribe to these short versions of our episodes through Omny.