The Time magazine cover we discuss on the episode.

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On this episode, which happens to fall on International Podcast Day, we show how up-to-date we are with current events by discussing writer bell hooks calling Beyonce a terrorist (like 10 years ago). We also discuss an analysis of this by Hillary Crosley Coker and the website Beyonce set up What is Pretty?. These debates between different waves of feminism are relevant in light of our ongoing discussions about sex work. You can hear more from bell hooks on the podcast Politically Reactive, which we highly recommend!

The episode also features a talk from Jess Ison challenging the idea that wearing high heels is capitulating to the patriarchy. This talk is from the Femme panel discussion from the most recent Institute for Critical Animal Studies (Oceania) conference. If you’d like to hear more from Jess, she has been on our podcast a bunch of times plus also listen in to her recent talk ‘Prisons, animal abuse registries, and animal liberation: A critique of punitive measures’.

Jess speaking on the femme panel.

Finally, there’s also a discussion on the show ‘War on Waste’ and Katie’s message to local coffee shops, inspired by the #BYOCoffeeCup campaign from this show. If you’re in Australia, you can watch this show on iView, if you’re anywhere else, you can see parts of it on Youtube.

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Bad Cop, Bad CopAmputations’, Lowkey ft. Crazy Haze & Mai Khalil ‘Terrorist’, Billy BraggKing Tide and the Sunny Day Flood’, Jess Ison from the Femme panel discussion, Beyonce ‘Pretty Hurts’ – film clip and clip with lyrics, The IT Crowd ‘Series 1, Episode 2’ – Jen’s new shoes.

  1. […] including: her own immigration experience in France, French politics, the Burkini ban in France, a lack of agency afforded to women when discussing clothing choices, French attitudes towards Muslims and immigration, concerns about religious and ethnic hatred […]

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