Nick refers to this book in his talk that is featured on this episode.

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This episode features Nicks’ talk: ‘They’re calling me a terrorist’ (but they probably shouldn’t): The Social Construction of “Eco-Terrorism”. You can view the PowerPoint presentation for this talk here and it is also embedded below. This talk is from the most recent Institute for Critical Animal Studies (Oceania) conference – see the show notes for episode 179 for links to listen to all of the talks from this conference. Thanks to Adam from VeganSci for helping out with the recordings this year!

We start off the episode by discussing civil liberties concerns about new counter-terrorism laws in Australia. Also covered throughout the episode is: the SBS show ‘Sex, War, Robots’; join us at the Animal Activists Forum; and updates on episode 173, which covered the Grenfell Tower fire, economic inequality under neoliberalism and the labelling of terrorism.

For more information on the topic of “eco-terrorism”, see the links in Nick’s PowerPoint above and we also recommend our interview with Will Potter from episode 98.

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Jamaica Plain ‘I Wish I Knew’, Nicks’ talk: ‘They’re calling me a terrorist’ (but they probably shouldn’t): The Social Construction of “Eco-Terrorism”, LowkeyTerrorist’, If A Tree Falls documentary, Lowkey ft. Mai Khalil ‘Ghosts of Grenfell’.

*This quote is from US Senator David Hinkins who said new laws were needed to stop “terrorists” such as “the vegetarian people” who “are trying to kill the animal industry”.

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