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Nick is joined by Jess Ison to discuss the Orlando massacre and the response from the queer community. We focus primarily on Victoria’s Show of Solidarity for Orlando, including playing a selection of speeches from the event – see the Soundcloud description here for a list of the speakers. You can hear full versions of all of the speeches featured on the episode, as well as a lot more, through Joy FM.

We also discuss Roz Ward, Safe Schools, Nick’s article ‘The Continuum Of Violence: Homophobia Didn’t Start With A Mass Shooting In Orlando’ and language around queer issues.

Finally, with a plebiscite (vote) on same-sex marriage possibly coming up soon in Australia, we discuss queer critiques of same-sex marriage, “homonormativity” and the dangers of the majority voting on minority rights.

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War on WomenEffemimania’, A Selection of Speeches from Victoria’s Show of Solidarity for Orlando, Clergy Rebukes Media for Asking Wrong Questions About Amendment One, Daniel Versus the WorldStrange’.

You can listen to a short (8 minute) version of this episode, which features a selection of speeches from Victoria’s Show of Solidarity of Orlando, below. You can subscribe to these short versions of our episodes through Omny.

*This is from Asiel Adan Sanchez’s poem, which is featured on the episode and you can also listen to it through the Joy website.