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From left to right: Jess Ison, Lara Drew and Dr Colin Salter – they were all part of the organising committee for the 2014 ICAS conference.**

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In this episode we do a recap of the Institute for Critical Animal Studies Oceania (ICAS) 2014 conference: Critical Animal Studies in the Asia-Pacific. We are joined by ICAS Rep Jess Ison, who tells us what ICAS is all about, including bringing about change for non-human animals, an intersectional focus, anarchism, collective decision-making and safe spaces. We’re also joined by Stevie from Team Earthling podcast aka “Steve Earthling”.

Throughout the episode we play Jess’s talk/rant on Animals Australia’s ‘No Way to Treat a Lady’ campaign and we also play Javed’s introduction to the ‘Class, Race and Veganism’ workshop. We encourage people to check out the group, who Javed mentioned during the conference.

We discuss a bunch of talks from the conference, including: our talk ‘Intersectionality in Practice’ (you can listen to this talk here and view the powerpoint presentation for it here – we also played this talk on episode 93); Nick’s talk ‘Live Animal Export, Humane Slaughter and Media Hegemony’ (you can listen to this talk here and view the powerpoint presentation for it here – it was also played on Team Earthling and Freedom of Species); Sam Cadman’s talk ‘Who’s a pretty boy, then: on unreliable narrators and listening to other animals’; ‘Critically questioning the Environmental Sustainability of Diet as a Framework for Encouraging ‘Counter Thought’ ’ by Angela Ragusa and Andrea Crampton; ‘Sustainability and Animal Protection: How do they intersect, where do they collide?’ by Iris Bergman; ‘Greenpeace, Sea Shepherd and Civil Disobedience on the High Seas’ by Siobhan O’Sullivan, Clare McCausland and Scott Brenton; ‘Technology for Change: Video Cameras, Video Games, and Virtual Reality’ by Gonzalo Villanueva; ‘Bodies, Beats and Bashing: History Telling of Homophobic Violence’ by Curtis Redd; and ‘Should the Australian Association of Social Workers (AASW) Revise their Code of Ethics to Include Non-Human Animals?‘ by Kathryn Joy.

You can hear more from Jess on Freedom of Species podcast, including her interview with ICAS co-founder Anthony Nocella. Check out Team Earthling for heaps more on the conference – we particularly recommend people check out our crossover episode with Team Earthling, where we reflect on the ICAS conference, as well as discussing a wide range of other issues including: activism approaches, non-violence, body shaming, gendered bathrooms, and teabagging. You can listen to our recap of last year’s ICAS Oceania conference on our 32nd episode.

This episode is brought to you by Taylor (the Sailor?). You can hear Taylor’s talk from the ICAS conference ‘You Should(n’t) Be Ashamed’, which opposes body shaming, on episode 119 of Team Earthling. Thanks a lot to Taylor for becoming a member of our show – you can become a member and sponsor an episode too!


Chokehold ‘Burning Bridges’, Jess Ison’s talk on Animals Australia’s ‘No Way to Treat a Lady’ campaign, Javed’s introduction to the ‘Class, Race and Veganism’ workshop, Good Riddance ‘Waste’, Sam Cadman ‘Who’s a pretty boy, then: on unreliable narrators and listening to other animals’, Fresh Meat ‘Series 2, Episode 8’.

More Talks that were Recorded at the Conference:

We’ll upload links to the audio for a bunch more talks from the conference here soon!

If any of the speakers would like any changes to the way you or your talk is described, or would like any edits to the audio of your talk, or would like to send us your powerpoint so we can link to it, please contact us.

*Thanks to Alix for this title!

**The photo is thanks to Pádraig Dubhthaigh and Aaron Daniel Scheibner – you can see more of their photos from the conference here.

You can listen to a short (10 minute) version of this episode, where Jess, Stevie and us discuss some of our favourite talks from the conference, here: Let’s Get Critical! ICAS 2014You can subscribe to these short versions of our episodes through Omny.