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Nick is joined by New Matilda journalist Michael Brull, who discusses what has changed and what hasn’t in the government’s new rhetoric around Islam and terrorism, in the wake of the Parramatta shooting. See Brull’s article ‘The Parramatta Shooting: New Rhetoric, Same Old Problem?‘ for more on this.

Nick also elaborates on Turnbull’s response to the shooting, analysing this reaction in terms of dominant narratives around terrorism. For more on this, see Nick’s article ‘Malcolm Turnbull Benches Team Australia, But Will The Narrative On Terrorism Change?’ and an interview with Solomon Comissiong on the racial and religious basis for labelling and responding to terrorism, in light of the Charleston shooting (embedded below).

Also covered on the episode is: how the “love it or leave it” mentality that has been promoted in the wake of the Parramatta shooting works against confronting some of the root causes of terrorism – such as Western imperialism and police racism, the US airstrike on a Médecins Sans Frontières hospital in the Afghan city of Kunduz – you can sign an Amnesty International petition calling for an independent investigation into this bombing here, Islamophobia as the latest form of white supremacy in Australia, Scottish National Party (SNP) politician Mhairi Black’s maiden speech to parliament – as a follow-up to our discussions on the SNP in episode 111, and Nick’s article ‘Don’t judge me: Chris Brown and the real task of tackling violence against women’.

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Turnbull’s Press Conference on Countering Violent Extremism, Rise Against ‘Life Less Frightening’, Nick’s interview with journalist Michael Brull, Scottish National Party (SNP) politician Mhairi Black’s maiden speech to parliament, ‘Interview with Solomon Comissiong’, Rinnessy (feat. Pas & Stic Man of Dead Prez) ‘Black Fa Life’.

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*This title is taken from the above cartoon (thanks to Fiona Katauskas) and is in reaction to the xenophobic slogan ‘Fuck Off We’re Full’ that is sometimes seen on the back of cars in Australia.

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In this episode we wish everyone a Happy Bogan Day, as we discuss Invasion Day in Australia. We have a great interview with Marianne Mackay, an Indigenous rights activist from the Noongar Tent Embassy, who explains the history of Invasion Day as well as issues affecting Indigenous Australians today. We discuss John Pilger’s documentary ‘The First Australians Fight Back: A Secret Country’, Michael Brull’s article ‘Why I won’t be celebrating Australia Day’, The Northern Territory Intervention/”Stronger Futures”, why nationalism and patriotism are stupid, many groups being left out of “Australian” celebrations, Nick being a pre-teen nationalist and Katie’s Facebook fights about the history of Australia. We also mention some alternative Indigenous events on and around Invasion Day, including Our Last Day of Freedom and Survival Perth 2013 in Perth, The Unsettlement of Australia in Sydney, as well as Indigenous events all around Australia.

Beyond Invasion Day, we cover the article Idle No More for Dummies, the documentary Taking on Tarmageddonthe most recent episode of the Team Earthling podcast – which covers how climate change affects non-human animals and a report on food wastage, the Sistah Vegan Anthology, the Vegans of Color website, The Species Barrier podcast episode on vegan health, and we even have a discussion on woolly mammoths.

Article Recommendations (thanks to Jon):

‘Racism, foreigner communities and the onto-pathology of white Australian subjectivity’ by Toula Nicolacopoulos and George Vassilacopoulos – from the book Whitening Race.

Thoughts on a politics of whiteness in a (never quite post) colonial country: abolitionism, essentialism and incommensurability’ by Jane Haggis.


Aussie Aussie Aussie, John PilgerThe First Australians Fight Back: A Secret Country’, The Broadways ‘Everything I Ever Wanted to Know About Genocide I Learnt in the Third Grade’, The U.S. Office ‘Season 8, Episode 1’, Interview with Marianne Mackay on Perth Indymedia on RTR 92.1FM – with Nick Pendergrast and Alex Whisson, CNNNN ‘The Firth Factor’, Lagwagon from the album ‘Live in a Dive’, Peep Show (series 7, episode 3), Interview with Anti-Flag from their DVD Death of a NationThe Chaser ‘Season 1, Episode 3’ of The Hamster Wheel, Bill Hicks ‘A New Flag (Patriotism)’, Rap News ’Australia, Yeah C**t – Australia’s new National Anthem’.